Amnesia updated to 1.0.7

This update adds some QOL improvements. You can now search for keys, in the key settings. There is now a tombstone when you die. Which even have a new cool system. Check it out by pressing “O” ingame. I also made it so you spawn with the bed pet to begin with.

  • Added new loading screen tips.
  • You now spawn with the Bed Pet.

Added InitialInventory-3.0.0

Added MTLib-3.0.6

Added Controlling-3.0.7

Added tombstone-3.6.4-1.12.2 (Corail Tombstone)
– Key O

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MadPack: Beta 4.2 Changelog

Hello everyone


I have decided to save all the changes that is being done to MadPack 3 Beta 4 in one place. This post will be updated as soon as new changes is being made to the update. All further beta version and updates to the pack, will get its own post here on this blog.

As with all updates, you will most likely require a new world.

Last edited: 29. August – Beta 4.2 is now out
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