Fire In The Pipe 2 Beta 1 Will Be Out On …

After many hundred hours working on Fire In The Pipe 2, it is finally time to release it to the public. I have decided to release it as a “beta”, with the first public version being Beta 1. This pack is very different from Fire In The Pipe 1, and i would also say much much harder. Prepare to mine many hours manually, before you will ever reach a quarry (Most likely a few hundred hours). Many new mods is in, which adds some special twist to the pack. Many thousand of lines of recipe changes, have also been made, and more will be changed over the next many months. There is no health-regen and also special AI in to give a extra fun challenge. There is also special mods, that make progression to even vanilla mobs, so you have to breed animals, to get more drops out of them. This is just to mention a few of the changes in the pack. There is MUCH more then what i have written here, but that you need to discover on your own.
In this version which is on Minecraft 1.7.10, there is also a quest book. However as i am not a fan of a progression type book, i have tryed to make it as a “Challenge” book, with different chapters in different difficulty levels (Easy Challenges, Medium Challenges and Hard Challenges) these quest in the chapters is also placed randomly, to make it much more like a challenge, you can work towards, if thats something you like. But still while being a huge optional part of the pack. There is so much more going on in the pack, then the quest book shows. Minecraft is a sandbox game, and i think some Packs tends to make it so once you complete the Quest Book, the player thinks they are “done” with the pack. But most of the time, there is lots of content in each mod to make room for more playtime. I want try and change that, by making the book as a Challenges book.
Also, 100% all Challenges in the Quest Book on Hardcore, i dont think is possible. So if you like a extra challenge, try that out, and prove me wrong ­čśŤ


I am very happy to announce that the first beta will be out this friday (June 24) on ATLauncher, and later also released on Curse Launcher.

Fire In The Pipe 2: More screenshots of the world

I have been playing around with Admin Command Toolbox today and pregen a test of the new worldgen for Fire In The Pipe 2. I then used Dynmap to make a map of the whole world on my server. This is some screenshots of the new worldgen that most likely will be in Fire In The Pipe 2. One issue so far is that there is a lot of villages, but thats a config derp on my part, and will be tweaked.

For now enjoy the images. All the dark/black spots is blocks Dynmap dont know.


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Fire In The Pipe 2: Testing worldgen

First of all, sorry for not posting on here for a while. A lot of stuff have been going on (Surgery, Golden Cobblestone pack, and much more, be sure to follow my twitter :P). I will write a new post soon ­čÖé In this post i would just share some of the worldgen i have been playing around with, for Fire In The Pipe 2. This worldgen is not final yet, and will most likely need more tweaks. But i have it soon, were i want it to be. I am soon starting a new test world on my server, with this new worldgen, and a lot of other changes. We are getting much closer to where i want the pack to be. I may even do a beta testing on ATLauncher. However, that is also not decided fully yet.


For now, enjoy these screenshots:

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