Amnesia updated to 1.0.6

This update to Amnesia updates many of the mods in the pack. But it also add a new mod. The mod is Trade Amnesia, which randomize Villager tradings, every time amnesia happens.

Added Trade_Amnesia-1.12-1.0.1

Updated forge-

Updated appliedenergistics2-rv6-stable-7
– Fixes #3886: Initialise sleeping import bus in pulse mode. (#3887) – yueh
– Fixes #3899: Put fluid interface into configured mode when needed. (#3903) – yueh
– Fixes #3901: Ensure fluid terminal respects reported stacksizes. (#3902) – yueh
– Fixes #3911: Incorrectly used string format. (#4007) – yueh
– Fixes #3925: Incorrect API JavaDoc (#4008) `IGridBlock#getMachineRepresentation()` must be non null. – yueh
– Fixes #4005: Persist cell after cleanup. (#4009) – yueh
– Fixes #4062: Rounding error due to float precision. (#4064) – yueh
– Fixes #4089: Render cable core on straight lines of different types. (#4103) – yueh
– Fixes #4090 Portable cell incorrect empty itemstack handling (#4093) – yueh

Updated BiomesOPlenty-1.12.2-
– Bug fixes

Updated Bookshelf-1.12.2-2.3.590
– Update to the latest 1.12.2 forge.

Updated Chisel-MC1.12.2-
– #794 Make chisel ice compatible with blocks that disable ice melting
– #796 Re-add accidentally removed configs for features

Updated CodeChickenLib-1.12.2-
– Bug fixes

Updated CTM-MC1.12.2-
– Eliminated unnecessary memory overhead from model loading (asiekierka)
– Fix ctm models having duplicate quads when rendered as an item and containing null-layer quads
– Cache quad subsets for no-layer cases a bit, should speed up item model rendering marginally
– Remove deprecated APIs
– Added ‘use_actual_state’ flag to allow connected textures to compare contextual states (such as glass panes)
– Fix possible crash when other mods attempt to retexture our models (specifically UnlimitedChiselWorks
– If no layer is specified, the default will now be null (same as textures with no metadata) rather than SOLID
– Now requires forge 2807 at a minimum (for item lighting fixes)
– Fix models with CTM overrides not inheriting from texture data
– Fix disableCTM config not doing anything
– Fix CTM models not working properly with forge blockstate features (retexture, uvlock, etc.)
– #89 Fix CTM models not considering item overrides

Updated CraftTweaker2-1.12-4.1.20
– IEntity: Made Coordinate setters persistent and added setter for pos3f
– Continue statement | Array<->List cast | ReturnsSelf
– Removed unused code from the food command. Closes #834
– Moved the tooltip event to Low instead of Lowest, should fix things
– Add preproc for search tree disabling, close #829 – if you are getting stuck on crafttweaker load complete or whatever, use #disable_search_tree in your script somewhere

Updated EnderIO-1.12.2-5.1.52
– Ported Niard
– Added farmland watering to Farming Station
– Added Painted Packed Ice
– Added notifications to GUI
– Added inverted self-resetting lever
– Added Wireless Charging from multiple sources
– Added hotkey for Explosive DSU
– Reorganzied alloying recipes
– Fixed mining levels for dark steel tools being out of sync with Tinkers
– Made DSU items and storage upgrade inventory drop on item destruction
– Lock DSU inventory slots in insert-only mode to prevent stuck upgrades
– Added glint to our shield renderer
– Workaround to make Speed Upgrade state work again
– Prevent Shimmer from being applied as random table enchantment
– Upgrade forge to fixed build
– Added support for those new tipped arrows to Dark Steel Bow
– Fixed Limited Item Filter seeing damaged items as different
– Added new way of disabling recipe that is friendlier with xml validators
– Increased Iron Alloy Ball chances slightly so it doesn’t scale lineally
– Made DSU GUI shift-click prefer active<->storage
– Fixed self block check to use vanilla cached data
– Added recipe folder cleanup and protection
– Changed hurt color for epic squid (red on red just doesn’t work)
– Fixed power conduits not handling multiple connections to the same block
– Fixed Infinity Block being Material.CANALWAYSBEBROKENWITHPICKS
– Added path making to Spoon Upgrade
– Added support for extracting from blocks with multiple tanks
– Added support for trip wire to Dark Steel Shears
– Added Glowstone Nano-Particles
– Added “summon aid” to Love Children
– Added 4th tier of Solar Upgrades
– Removed Item Conduit right-click simulation as it is obsolete since the off-hand was added
– Changed Dark Steel Upgrades to use an upgrade item
– These gears are made for turning, and that’s just what they’ll do
– Added error messages for failed Tinkers recipe registrations
– Added better document handling for xml parsing
– Fixed conduit probe info for item conduit not translating direction
– Fixed conduit function upgrades not having individual stack size limits
– Added GUI feedback for function upgrades
– Fixed de-duping of alloy recipes
– Fixed conduit probe data not being translateable
– Fixed Stem Farmer unconditionally removing seeds when planting
– Fixed an issue with EIO Dense Conduits being better
– Fixed Redstone Conduit GUI listing filter base as valid filter
– Fixed redstone filters not having a creative tab
– Fixed mob classifications
– Fixed filter config button visibility setting code running outside of scope
– Added Alloy Smelter operating profile configuration
– Added shortcut to specify potion in xml recipes
– Fixed Wired Charger not showing progress or rendering charging item
– Fixed handling of SummonAidEvent for Killer Joe
– Mentally prepared for hate from people who don’t realize we have config settings for virtually everything
– Added missing texture for Thaumcraft Goggles upgrade; fixed IO config overlay texture not being registered; fixed armor inventory item validity check being inverted
– Completely changed the way Dark Steel Upgrades are applied and managed. They are now items and the Dark Steel item they can applied to have a GUI. Easiest way to access that GUI is using a Dark Steel Anvil.
– Added Deep Mob Learning recipes
– Fixed teleport inhibition (commit: 63248a8) (details)
– Made fuels and coolants into recipes
– Made Transceiver buffer ratio configurable
– Updated Galacticraft integration
– Fixed Big Reactor integration
– Added loot condition to reduce fake player drops
– Fixed some blocks blocking light when they shouldn’t
– Added firing the new FluidPlaceBlockEvent
– Fixed Dark Steel Anvil being made from black paper
– Made EpicSquid spawn in lava as intended
– Converted swim speed upgrade to use new swim speed attribute
– Now 192470% faster!
– Fixed RS conduit item in-/export
– Drop this on your friends’ heads!
– Added shields
– Fixed Reinforced Obsidian Model
– Fixed saved tasks forgetting about custom energy requirements
– Fixed IO overlay mouse bound check overcompensating for shifted display

Updated EnderCore-1.12.2-0.5.73
– Bug fixes

Updated foamfix-0.10.10-1.12.2
– Un-force-disabled smallPropertyStorage for NEIDs/JEIDs. This was found to be an Unlimited Chisel Works bug, which was more commonly appearing in large modpacks (= modpacks with NEIDs/JEIDs installed).
– Fixed PropertyValueMapper crashes in an environment with multi-threaded block state generation.
– Added the “client.deduplicateModels” option, to disable specifically deduplication of baked models.
– Fixed disabling the “client.deduplicateModelBakers” option causing the progress bar to not be properly removed.
– Fixed NotEnoughIDs not auto-disabling the “coremod.smallPropertyStorage” option, which it seems to have issues with.
– Removed unused debug message in ProxyCommon.preInit.

Updated itlt-1.12.2-1.0.2
– Allow a client to connect without the mod installed
– Fixes crash if modpack was ran from almost the root of the file system

Updated journeymap-1.12.2-5.5.6
– Fix for custom theme loading
– New Fullscreen button to pan map to specified coordinates.
– Updated Network protocols to fix some sync issues. Requires Client and Server update.
– Added compression to Server Options dimension list, should fix issues for servers with a large amount of dimensions.
– Network optimizations, expanded player radar should now use significantly less bandwidth.
– Updated the splash screen.
– Remove journeymap-api as embedded library on curse, this will hopefully prevent people from putting it in their mods folder
– Updated version check url
– InfoSlot time formatting options.
– Death waypoint auto-removal
– Death waypoint time and date formats are now configurable!

Updated living_enchantment-3.2.0
– Fixed bug with items that don’t lose durability. They won’t act like they’re dying forever anymore.

Updated Quark-r1.6-177
– Management: Fixed a dupe with chests in boats.
– Misc: Fixed the Horse Whistle having a very tiny range.
– Misc: Iron Chains no longer cause minecarts to never shut up.
– Tweaks: Fixed the slabs to blocks recipe not working sometimes.
– World: Fixed stonelings always spawning with frogs.
– World: Fixed stonelings not being tamable properly.
– World: Fixed stonelings spawning with frogs and then despawning and leaving the frogs behind.
– General: Add tab-complete to the Quark Config command.
– General: Added a config to set piston push limit.
– General: Added an overwrite of vanilla’s piston logic to allow for quark (and potential addons) to do some spicy stuff.
– General: Added new sound effects to a bunch of things around the place.
– General: Improved the textures/models of a few items and blocks.
– General: Quark dispenser behaviors no longer dispense the item if they fail.
– Automation: Added Chain Linkage.
– Automation: Added Color Slime.
– Automation: Added Gravisand.
– Automation: Added the Redstone Inductor.
– Automation: Ender Chests are now hard blacklisted for pistons. I mean, they’re *obsidian!*
– Automation: Fix animals not eating floor food. Again. Again.
– Automation: Fix certain render issues with Pistons Push Tile Entities.
– Automation: Iron Rods no longer pretend they’re solid blocks on all sides.
– Automation: Iron Rods will now works with slime blocks, and also when there’s an amount of blocks that’s larger than the push limit in front of them.
– Automation: Pistons now render more correctly when they push tile entities.
– Building: Added Jasper and Slate support to World Stone Bricks and Pavement.
– Building: Vanilla Slabs, Stairs, and Walls now supports Moss Stone and Mossy Stone Bricks.
– Client: Fix a render issue with Render Items In Chat.
– Client: Fix food tooltips being oddly shifted while looking in JEI and being in the creative search tab. Weird, I know.
– Client: Fixed enchanted books showing items crashing the game if you hover over a book with an invalid enchant.
– Decoration: Added Decorated Paper Lamp variants.
– Decoration: Added Decorated Paper Walls as a new variant.
– Decoration: Added Iron Grate.
– Decoration: Added Rope.
– Decoration: Added support for the new trees to Leaf Carpet.
– Decoration: Added the ability to place Blaze Rods.
– Decoration: Fixed a desync with flower pots.
– Decoration: Fixed More Banner Layers being broken.
– Management: Fixed an item dupe with mods that allow shulker boxes to stack.
– Management: Fixed Linking Items not working.
– Management: Fixed opening the game making a desync between your held item in the server and client.
– Management: Fixed rotating arrow types trying to do the thing even if you only have one type of arrow.
– Management: Trapped chests no longer go into boats. Boat chests also wobble with their boat.
– Misc: Added Reacharound Placement.
– Misc: Fixed a crash with ender dragon breath throwing.
– Misc: Fixed a small visual bug in a secret feature.
– Misc: Fixed the Pickarang not moving its drops perfectly.
– Misc: Invalid Ancient Tomes no longer appear in creative or JEI.
– Misc: Mining Fatigue potions can accept redstone and glowstone to upgrade them. (Previously, you could only get upgraded versions by corrupting the upgraded Haste equivalent.)
– Misc: Pickarangs no longer hurl themselves into the uncaring void when they return to a dead player.
– Misc: Placing dusts has a placement sound.
– Misc: Poison Potatoes no longer visually decrease their stack size when the entity is already poisoned.
– Misc: You can now dispense Dragon’s Breath.
– Oddities: Added Tiny Potato.
– Oddities: Backpacks no longer can dupe items through specific interactions.
– Oddities: Candles can now influence which enchantments Matrix Enchanting will give you.
– Oddities: Pipes now render stack sizes appropriately.
– Tweaks: Added the ability to shovel dirt blocks into path.
– Tweaks: Fixed right click harvest not marking the harvest as a success, thus causing some weird effects in mods like Inspirations.
– Tweaks: Improved Improved Sleeping chat feedback.
– Tweaks: Look Down Ladders now makes it so that if you’re sneaking when you open your chat, you’ll stay sneaking. Looking down overrides the sneak-lock, so you can still use GUIs while going down a ladder.
– Tweaks: Villagers no longer will respond to doors being broken while trying to open them by annihilating the universe.
– Vanity: Allow item names to be dyed with non-vanilla dyes.
– Vanity: Fixed sitting in stairs while spamming the sneak key causing you to teleport and have some graphical issues.
– World: Added Broken Nether Portals spawning in the nether.
– World: Added Cobbedstone to Spider Nest Underground Biomes.
– World: Added Crabs, Crab Legs, Crab Shell Fragments, and Potion of Stability.
– World: Added Foxhounds.
– World: Added Jasper and Slate Speleothems.
– World: Added Jasper and Slate stones to Revamp Stone Gen.
– World: Added Nether Obsidian Spikes.
– World: Added Tree Variants, which include Blossoming Trees and Swamp Oak Trees.
– World: Buried Treasure can no longer spawn off of its map.
– World: Cave Crystals can be crafted into Sheets (panes).
– World: Cave Crystals have better beacon colors.
– World: Cave Crystals now come in black!
– World: Change some food values to be closer to what was intended.
– World: Changed the default biomes for some of the Revamp Stone Gen settings to better accommodate Jasper and Slate.
– World: Crystal Cave generation is able to be configured in much more depth.
– World: Curse can now be dispelled with milk.
– World: Curse now lasts 10 minutes rather than 20 by default.
– World: Fixed multiple more secret features we can’t mention here.
– World: Fixed monster boxes crashing if you set the min monster count to be higher than the max monster count (bruh)
– World: Soul Beads now let you know they’ll apply Curse to you.
– World: Stonelings no longer just wait around when they can’t find a way to escape.
– World: Stonelings now path over cactus, since they have no fear.
– API: Added INonSticky and ICollateralMover for the new piston stuff.
– Automation: Fixed pistons destroying blocks.
– Automation: Fixed slime sticking to slime it shouldn’t be able to stick to if it’s directly in front.
– Decoration: Fixed items not going through grates.
– World: Fixed a crash with Foxhounds.
– Automation: Fixed chains not rendering.
– Decoration: Fixed leads in fences having weird behaviour if they’re on different chunks.
– Vanity: Fixed emotes not cancelling properly when another one starts.
– World: Fixed Foxhounds sleeping and waking up instantly.
– World: Fixed Foxhounds and Frogs suffocating easily.
– Automation: Fixed colored slime having an awkward recipe registration because another module overrides it.
– Decoration: Fixed grates pushing items around when they fall through them.
– Automation: Fixed iron rods disappearing if they’re pushed with a block in the middle
– General: Fixed a ton of log spam from an inconsequential mistake in the ASM code.
– Automation: Fixed iron rods not being able to break blocks that pistons normally break. Ironic, I know.
– Automation: Fixed the Up, Down, and All Around mod not allowing you to bounce in quark slimes.
– Automation: Fixed weird inductor behaviour.
– Client: Added a config option to change the opacity of the invalid slots overlay.
– Client: Improved the render for showing invalid slots.
– Tweaks: Fixed the “Night has Passed” message showing up even if you disable the improved sleeping feature.
– World: Fixed crabs and stonelings not breathing underwater.
– World: Fixed crabs swimming even thought they shouldn’t.
– World: Fixed Foxhounds trying to murder you in peaceful difficulty.
– World: Soul beads now take a little bit of time to consume.
– World: Stonelings will now alert nearby stonelings if startled.
– Client: Added shiny animals to the random animal skins feature. (1 in 1024 chickens, cows, or pigs will be shiny and have a variant skin)
– World: Fixed foxhounds not being classified as hostile mobs for some cases.
– World: Foxhounds now only spawn if the light level is low.
– World: Lowered the default foxhound spawn rate by a lot. If you already loaded the game with the old config you’ll have to go into the foxhounds section in the quark config and reset it to default.
– Automation: Fixed Pistons Move TEs causing a memory leak if you switch dimensions a lot.
– Management: Fixed Shulker Box Item Adding being broken.
– Misc: Fixed Enderman not teleporting away from Pickarangs.
– World: Baby Foxhounds now have a big head, as they should.
– World: Fixed crabs trying to jump while walking underwater, which got them stuck.
– General: Fixed an ASM error appearing in the log even though nothing errored.
– Decoration: Ropes can now hang off more things.
– Management: Fixed Pistons Moving TEs deleting data.
– World: Fixed frogs suffocating again.
– World: Stacked foxhounds on top of a furnace will no longer interfere, rather, only one will do the thing.
– General: Fixed patron features not reloading in servers when new players join.
– Automation: Fixed pistons deleting data sometimes. Hopefully.
– World: Fixed quark leaves and saplings not burning and not being registered in the ore dictionary.

Updated RebornCore-1.12.2-
– (modmuss50) #releaseBuild
– (drcrazy) Recipe Methods and bunch of warnings
– (estebes) #releaseBuild
– (estebes) More fixes to build file.
– (estebes) More fixes to build file.
– (estebes) Bump version
– (estebes) Updated build.gradle
– (estebes) Small fix.
– (estebes) Bump version
– (estebes) New recipe system – Praescriptum
– (estebes) Improve FluidUtils and ItemUtils.
– (estebes) Improve FluidUtils and ItemUtils.
– (estebes) Improve FluidUtils.
– (estebes) #releaseBuild
– (estebes) Improve Praescriptum Recipes capabilities.
– (estebes) #releaseBuild
– (estebes) Improve some things.
– (estebes) More helper methods
– (estebes) More helper methods
– (drcrazy) #releaseBuild
– (drcrazy) I hope this should fix TechReborn/TechReborn#1832
– (drcrazy) Fix build in eclipse

Updated twilightforest-1.12.2-3.10.1013-universal
– The Minoshroom has a brand new ground smashing attack!
– Block and Chain Goblins now fling their flails at their enemies
    ◦ Note that this is just a placeholder, not the real boss.
– More Patchouli additions
– Adjusted some TCon Integration values
– Ur-Ghast got some tweaks
– ru_ru lang updates
– zh_cn lang updates
– The Snow Waifu.. I mean QUEEN.. now targets non-players correctly
– Improved Dark Forest gen
– Fixed leaf placement in tree generators
– Improved chunk generation speed
– Birbs now actively try to avoid drowning.
– Fixed Uberous Soil failing to render correctly without CTM
– Improved death checks for Phantom Knights
– Fixed Wood Door/Trapdoor recipes

Updated Triumph-1.12.2-3.19.2
– Fix EntityData.setName and PlayerData.setUUID not testing properly.
Added trigger “triumph:changed_dimension” – Same as minecraft:changed_dimension, except takes int dimension ids instead of dimension type strings.
– Added a new PlayerData object to all criteria (even non-triumph ones) which can be acquired using criteria.getPlayerData(). This contains extra data requirements for the criteria, so things like gamestage, equipment, inventory, player name, etc can be added to any criteria.
– Added EntityData method setName(string) to set the required name of the entity.
– Fixed documentation description for EntityData.setScoreboard.
This is the same as 1.9.0. The reobf on the build failed, apparently. Here’s the old changelog.
– Added trigger “triumph:changed_dimension” – Same as minecraft:changed_dimension, except takes int dimension ids instead of dimension type strings.
– Added a new PlayerData object to all criteria (even non-triumph ones) which can be acquired using criteria.getPlayerData(). This contains extra data requirements for the criteria, so things like gamestage, equipment, inventory, player name, etc can be added to any criteria.
– Added EntityData method setName(string) to set the required name of the entity.
– Fixed documentation description for EntityData.setScoreboard.