The Week: Cakes and updates

Another week, another update. This week have mostly been about Lucky Blocks, cake blocks (?!) and a update to MadPack 3.

Another beta update was released to MadPack 3. This time called Beta 5. Beta 5 was mostly a cleaning up update. We decided to remove Bluepower (it had a lot of worldgen) and rftools. Jon did not use any of those mods very much, so we decided it made most sense to remove them. The Deep Dark Quest was also changed a lot, and will change more once we get the new boss we are waiting on. A few reward bags was also added to change things up a bit. This update also had  a lot of updates to different mods, which we had not updated for a very long time.

This week i have also been playing around with a new mod, made by FatherToast. The mod is not really meant to do what i am using it for. But so far it makes a very interesting new way to create blocks, like lucky blocks, just much much better. Using JSON it opens up for many possibilities, and with the addition of support of schematic files, it lets me add structures to the blocks. Something which Lucky Blocks could not do (Atleast for 1.7.10). First episode was released by MrCrainer which used our first test of it, with him breaking minecraft cakes. The episode can be seen here:

A small adventure map was also made. This time Gurli had to be saved, from some evil spiders. A post of the modlist using for that adventure map, was made and published here:

I think thats all for this week. Thank you for reading this. Feel free to tweet at me, if you ever have any questions (Twitter link can be found on the right side of this blog).