Amnesia updated to 1.0.7

This update adds some QOL improvements. You can now search for keys, in the key settings. There is now a tombstone when you die. Which even have a new cool system. Check it out by pressing “O” ingame. I also made it so you spawn with the bed pet to begin with.

  • Added new loading screen tips.
  • You now spawn with the Bed Pet.

Added InitialInventory-3.0.0

Added MTLib-3.0.6

Added Controlling-3.0.7

Added tombstone-3.6.4-1.12.2 (Corail Tombstone)
– Key O

Updated TConstruct-1.12.2-

  • Instead of mixing slime types or using non-Tinkers slime to craft Tinkers gadgets giving green slime, you get a new pink slime
  • Happens when crafting slime boots, slimeslings, congealed slime, and slime channels
  • Config option available to make crafting the vanilla slime block also return pink when made with mismatching or non-Tinkers slime types
  • Instead of crafting Tinkers slime blocks out of congealed slime and 5 slimeballs, they now use the vanilla recipe of 9 slimeballs
  • Removed green as it was redundant to the vanilla block
  • If Quark is installed, Tinkers slime blocks will work with the Quark colored slime featureGreen, blue, purple, magma, and blood slime blocks will not stick to each other
  • Pink slime blocks (see above) will stick to all colors
  • Green, blue, and blood slime blocks can be used in place of Quark’s green, blue and blood slimeblocks to craft the other colors and to stick to secondary colors
  • Now are more consisent with vanilla
  • Slimeballs are no longer called “Slime ball”
  • Most slime items no longer have colors for consistency
  • Split listAllMaterials config into listAllPartMaterials and listAllToolMaterials
  • Made hatchet shield breaking more compatible with other mod’s shields
  • Holding Tinkers weapons in creative now prevent breaking blocks, like vanilla swords
  • Longswords now have a slight delay after use, giving a window to activate a shieldLongswords now have an animation while charging
  • Rapiers now allow a shield to be used while jumping back
  • Projectiles like shurikens now light the target on fire if the projectile is on fire
  • Hellish now boosts damage to mobs that are not immune to fire rather than the weird biome spawn list that missed many nether mobs.
  • Full smelteries no longer attempt to alloy or finish melting items
  • When out of fuel, the smeltery tooltip now displays “No valid fuel” instead of sometimes displaying “Not enough space”
  • Fixed full smelteries sometimes filling with negative liquids
  • Fixed smeltery sending too many packets, breaking some inventories
  • Fixed stone tool parts melting too fast
  • Fixed smeltery dropping items clientside when breaking under some conditions
  • Fix crash when casting channels are filled from an invalid side
  • Fixed being able to drain fluids from an invactive smeltery or tinker tank
  • Renamed “Smeltery Drain” to “Seared Drain” and “Faucet” to “Seared Faucet” for consistency
  • Fixed Tinkers weapons not applying knockback to players
  • Fixed no sound effects when attacking with Tinkers weapons
  • Fixed no sounds when breaking tools
  • Fixed pigiron having wrong nom chance when between 2.5 and 5 chickenwings
  • Fixed custom crosshairs breaking other mods that modify crosshairs
  • Fixed bows not rendering in the offhand when drawing
  • Fixed infinite blocking when a battle sign breaks while in use
  • Fixed embossment allowing invalid traits to be applied
  • Fixed crash from reflecting thorns damage
  • Fixed crash from dealing damage multiple times in the same frame
  • Fixed projectiles dealing less damage based when the players attack cooldown is low
  • Updated fr_fr (thanks Neerwan)
  • Updated ja_jp (thanks otoma417)
  • Updated ru_ru (thanks Lanvilla)
  • Slime trees once again have drippers
  • Added a new config option to disallow non-leashable mobs from being picked up by piggybackpacks
  • Fixed wooden hoppers deleting contents when rotated
  • Fixed slime recipe fallbacks giving hte wrong color
  • Fixed blood being too hot
  • Fix replacing the piggybackpack with another chestplate not dropping the entity