Farming Valley 0.9.8 released

This update adds one new building mod. But also adds some new achievements, and fixes some old ones. This update also removes ToughAsNails, as the mod was only used for extra hearts as i removed hydration a while back. And as cyclic already have extra hearts, that was just disabled, and i enabled those and removed ToughAsNails.

Old worlds SHOULD work. But make a backup of your world just in case. You may need to use the command: /flushAchievements, to get the new achievement fixes.

  • Removed MOD: ToughAsNails
  • Added MOD: ArchitectureCraft-1.7.3-mc1.10.2
  • Yulif now sells ArchitectureCraft items.
  • Added a extra tool tip to the coins, to tell players where they can be brought at.
  • Removed some old configs that was not used anymore.
  • Changed the Heart Crystal trade, into Heart Containers from Cyclic, to Tiberus Trades.
  • Made the maximum number of hearts 40.
  • Removed some achievements that was not possible anymore.
  • Changed some ahievements text.
  • Added 3 new achievements.
  • Changed the value of mipmaplevels from 4 to 0.