Pokehaan Craft 1.0.2 Released

This update adds one new mod, adds some new task and updates a mod. Full changelog below.

  • Added Cooking For Blockheads
    – A good mod to handle all the different food in the pack.
  • Updated SoulSandLife
    – You can now make edible soul sand.
    – You can now tame the soul sand mob, to get it as a companion.

  • Removed a bookmark ini file.
  • Added a new soul sand mob task to the checklist book. This one ask you to tame the Soul Sand monster
  • Fixed recipe conflicts with Thermal Hammers (Iron, Diamond, Gold) and some Pixelmon Hammers. Thanks @DanniKitteh for the info.
  • Added a “Support ModPack Creator” part to the checklist book.
  • Added a Cooking for blockheads task to the checklist book