Pokehaan Craft 1.0.7 Released

Small update that fixes some corruption issues and exploits.

  • Fixed Exploit with Harvestcraft Water Dupe
  • Tweaked the recipe for the NPC Editor
  • Blacklisted Pixelmon Entities in the Industiral Foregoing Mob Duplicator as it caused a world corruption issue
  • Removed EMC from Chancecubes
  • Tweaked recipe for Chancecubes
  • Removed Rending Gale
  • Fixed the vanilla firework recipe, to hopefully solve a corruption issue.
  • Disabled Firework Cloning in Quark, to hopefully solve a corruption issue.
  • Added EMC to firworks
  • Hidden some creative only items
  • Added Blank TR to Pokestops
  • Added Blank Galarian TM to Pokestops
  • Removed a Checklist Challenge (Gem Armor one)

(Info for serverowners. If you update from 1.0.6 to 1.0.7, only config and script folder have changed. If you update from even older versions, then more folders have changed.)