Pokehaan Craft 1.0.8 Changelog

  • Removed PokehaanAdditions Mod (Because of a issue, i had to remove it. Until a fix have been made, sorry. Should be back soon.)
  • Added a recipe for the Pixelmon Chisel (This lets you place animated models of Pokemons. Kinda like statues.)
  • Disabled Flight from Draconic Armor sets.
  • Added a checklist challenge to craft the pixelmon Chisel.
  • Removed NPC Editor checklist until it is back
  • Removed Laptop Checklist until the mod is back
  • Added a checklist challenge to craft the Nature Compass.
  • Disabled Biome Pet (As there is now Nature Compass which is much much better)
  • Fixed recipe for Enchanted Atlas from Bibliocraft
  • Tweaked recipe for Bibliocraft Atlas
  • Disabled InventoryPets Sky Dungeons
  • Re-added EMC to all InventoryPets
  • Changed Draconic Evolution to hardmode

Added Nature’s Compass

  • This mod lets you make a compass, that shows you to the biome you want. This is great for hunting down Pokemons that can only be found in x biome.