Pokehaan Craft 1.0.9 Changelog

This update re-adds the Laptop, and Trading Simulation item. It also adds 2 new armor sets like the Ash and Misty Armor set. It also adds EMC to some items, and other bug fixes. Oh, and now you can craft “Master Balls”. However this is a VERY hard recipe, but it is a option if you have the resources to do so.

Legit endgame creative flying will most likely be re-introduced in next update. I am also working on making Master Balls craftable, but i need some more time on figuring out a good recipe for these. We are also working on fixing some issues with the NPC editor, which hopefully also soon should be back.

Full changelog:

  • You can now craft Aluminium Plates using Red Matter in the Industrial Smelter
  • Added a recipe to craft Master Balls. This is a VERY hard recipe. Very endgame recipe. But it is a option.
  • Added EMC to marble
  • Added EMC to limestone
  • Added EMC to Jasper
  • Added EMC to Slate
  • Added EMC to Brimstone
  • Added EMC to Permafrost
  • Added EMC to Prismarine
  • Added EMC to Biotite
  • Added EMC to basalt
  • Added EMC to Silicon (Pixelmon)
  • Added EMC to Silcon Block (Pixelmon)
  • Added EMC to Crystal (Pixelmon)
  • Added EMC to Crystal Block (Pixelmon)
  • Added EMC to Amethyst
  • Added EMC to Amethyst Block (Pixelmon)
  • Hidden some more items from JEI, that was creative only
  • Disabled heads_or_tails chancecube reward
  • Re-added checklist/challenge for crafting 1 Laptop
  • Re-added checklist/challenge for crafting 1 Trading Simulation
  • Added checklist/challenge for crafting full set of Ash Armor set.
  • Added checklist/challenge for crafting full set of Misty Armor set
  • Removed recipe for Swiftwolf’s Rending Gale
  • Added custom recipe to the new Ash and Misty armor sets

Re-added PokehaanCraftAdditions-1.12.2-1.1.1

  • NPC editor is not back yet. But hopefully soon.
  • Ash and Misty Armor set have been added
  • New model for the Laptop which is also back
  • TradeSimulation item is still same model but is also back.

Updated ChanceCubes-1.12.2-

  • Backported the Global reward disable system