TM or TR for a Pokemon in Pokehaan Craft / Pixelmon?

Do you have a issue where a Pokemon cant use a TM or a TR in Pixelmon / Pokehaan Craft? Then it is most likely because you use the wrong version. In this guide i will show you how you find out if you need a TM or TR for new movesets for your Pokemons.

  • In my case i want to check which TM/TR i need to use for “Charmander”. So i will go to
  • Now scroll down on the site and you can see “Moves learnt by TM” and “Moves learnt by TR”
  • Here you can see if you need a TM or a TR. If i wanted “Flamethrower” it can’t be the TM version, but needs to be TR. As Flamethrower is not on the TM list. ALSO it needs to be the correct number. So in the case om Flamethrower it NEEDS to be TR02. Sometimes there is some move sets with the same name. BUT the number is different. Be sure they are the correct number too. A example is TM78 Bulldoze, but there is also a TM81 Bulldoze. So be sure to double check it is the right number too.

I hope this helped you in figuring out of you need a TM or a TR for your Pokemon to learn, in “Pokehaan Craft” pack and the Pixelmon mod.