TM or TR for a Pokemon in Pokehaan Craft / Pixelmon?

Do you have a issue where a Pokemon cant use a TM or a TR in Pixelmon / Pokehaan Craft? Then it is most likely because you use the wrong version. In this guide i will show you how you find out if you need a TM or TR for new movesets for your Pokemons.

  • In my case i want to check which TM/TR i need to use for “Charmander”. So i will go to
  • Now scroll down on the site and you can see “Moves learnt by TM” and “Moves learnt by TR”
  • Here you can see if you need a TM or a TR. If i wanted “Flamethrower” it can’t be the TM version, but needs to be TR. As Flamethrower is not on the TM list.

I hope this helped you in figuring out of you need a TM or a TR for your Pokemon to learn, in “Pokehaan Craft” pack and the Pixelmon mod.