The Week: Beta 6 (?), adventures, blocks and Fitp2

Another week with small projects going on behind the scenes. This week, there have both been looked at a adventure map, MadPack 3 Beta 6, new random blocks and much more.


A lot of small projects have been going on, behind the scenes.  Mainly i have started up again (after a small break) on thinking what i want to do with Fire In The Pipe 2. The first in the series Fire In The Pipe can be found on ATlauncher at which was using minecraft version 1.6.4. The second one in the series will be using 1.7.10, and do a lot of things very differently, but still about the same grindy journey.. Just much harder… I have been waiting on a mod, that is finally out, that let me do some pretty crazy tweaks, so look forward to those, when i can share more about it here on this blog 🙂

MadPack 3 Beta 6 was decided to not be released this friday. But should be out next friday (18-09-2015). This time the End will be opened, with a new quest chapter.2015-09-12_16.44.36

But also 2 new quest to the overworld (You can see those in the first screenshot) A lot of mods will be updated, and many more small changes. You can read this beta versions changelogs at

Another small adventure was made for MrCrainer. This time it was about the evil gingerbread people, from a previous adventure, and a new pharoah boss. You can watch the episode here: where i also have included a modlist.

A small update to Crundee Craft was also released. This version enabled Inventorytweaks on servers. Enabled the vanille enderchest and also added a new recipe to the vanilla enderchest.

Some new blocks was also made which MrCrainer and SSundee used in their casino series.
MrCrainer also released another episode in his X VS Wither series. This time he had to use torch blocks to try and defeat the wither. Will he ever make it? Thats the question. You can watch the episode here:

Thats about it for this week. Thank you for reading this. As always feel free to tweet at me, if you ever have any questions.