Fire In The Pipe: Collection of all the info

A pack i have been playing and working on for atleast a year, was released on ATLauncher a while ago. It was never really intended to be out publicly. I played the pack on my own private server with a few friend. Some streamed it, and more and more wanted to play it. So i decided to release it on ATLauncher, and name it Fire In The Pipe.


I have used a pastebin file to store all the information about the pack. But i decided to collect it all here in this post instead, as its much easier to keep track of all the things.
This version of the pack uses Minecraft version 1.6.4, as its a pretty old pack. While the pack may be old, and using a older version of Minecraft. It will still be able to give you a new view of how a different pack can be. And how you will need to do things you are used to do, now very differently. I am working on a 1.7 version, but it is far from completed. This blog will be updated with updates to that pack, when there is more to tell.

But give the pack a try, if you want to re-think everything you are used to do in modded Minecraft. And want goals that last a very long time.
The pack can be found on ATLauncher as mentioned, and is a public pack. Link to changlogs, modlist and pack description can be found here:

This is a collection of all the info the pastebin file used to have:

This pack does not support removing or adding mods to it.

Pack Description:
Fire In The Pipe (MC 1.6.4) – by Kehaan

Do you feel like you are doing the same thing, as you have done in multiple packs before?
Do you feel like you dont have any long term goals that last for many months.
Do you miss a challenge?

Then Fire In The Pipe can help you. This uniqe modpack is balanced around long term goals in mind.
Be prepared that getting your first AE system will take many months. Be prepared for many new challenges, and to use new strategies to reach your goal. Do you have what it takes to get a Fusion Reactor up and running? A quarry? Or even just a Iron Bucket?

This pack is focussed around tech (Mainly GregTech), and survival with weight system and much much more.

The pack is made by one of the makers (Kehaan) of the MadPack series. This pack will make you rage, and it will make you salty but will also make every small task feel like a accomplishment

As its a very hard pack, i have a few guides, which may help you in your journey:

A good GregTech Guide:

A good tinkers guide can be seen here (Select Features, and scroll down to Starting Guide):

Also use NEI 🙂 If you cant click on a recipe, its because the recipe have been removed.

Things to remember:
Please be aware the pack can take a while to load up. But as long as your console moves, it should still load.
Java 8 or 7 can be used. I recommmend Java 8 however.
Your flint pickaxe cant be upgraded. You need to make a new copper pickaxe using smeltery, which you can upgrade with new parts.
Choosing Default Worldgen is recommended (Uses Biomes O Plenty)
Blank Cast have a crafting recipe in this pack (which you smelt in Smeltery, to make the casts you need)
Alumite have a crafting recipe in this pack.
Many recipe have been changed, and many configs tweaked. Be prepared to think very differently.
Poison can kill you
There is no health-regen (Use potions, Necro bones on swords or find new ways to regen)
Hunger will instant kill you or should I say what isn’t out to kill you?
If you need a goal, a good one is getting a Quarry, AE system or maybe a Fusion Reactor. Getting your first iron bucket, will be a challenge too however.
This pack is NOT easy. It will make you rage, and very salty.
But the pack is uniqe with its long term goals, that can take months to reach. And the way you have to relearn the game, and care for reaching small goals.
Gone is the days with packs, where you did the same thing as any other pack. Or that after a few weeks you feel like you are playing creative mode.
WorldAnchor is used as chunkloader
Biomes O Plenty Periodot/Ruby/Sapphire is not real ore. Its silverfish. You need to find the GregTech version of it 🙂
Harcore gamemode is NOT recommened (Would call it impossible, as the progression reaching your goals can take many months)

If using MultiMC it loads the pack atleast 2minutes faster. But MultiMC is not easy to use for new players.
This guide can be used for referring to:

Known issues:
Magnet Mode + Tinkers is a bad idea. If you die, and magnet mode takes your tools, before you press respawn it deletes your tools.
I recommend not using magnet mode, and instead getting the magnet from reliquary (Which is now Thaumcraft Reseach, later on) instead.

TinkersContruct Casting Basins spawns in villagers (Dont use them, if you dont want to exploit)

Feel free to tweet or message me on Twitch at: