Pokehaan Craft 1.1.7 – Changelog

This update, updates all the mods that have had new updates. This also includes a large update to Pixelmon, that includes new Gigantamax forms, new forms, new items, new structures, new music, new attack animations and lots of bug fixes and changes.

Updated CraftTweaker2-1.12-

  • Bug fixes

Updated Pixelmon-1.12.2-8.3.0-universal

Updated itlt-1.12.x-1.0.4

  • Bug fixes
  • Updated modtweaker-

  • Bug fixes
  • Updated inventorypets-1.12-2.0.15

    • Feed Bag now properly working for all pets (credit: GreenMelonX, Clebb1, deemah350) – 1.15 & 1.16 only
    • Wolf Pet Alarm no longer crashes when you have other tamed wolves nearby (credit: Coraline77447)
    • Silverfish Pet now works reliably (credit: wiarrri)
    • Portal Pet no longer occasionally teleports you to the Nether roof (credit: Adm1n04)
    • Removed broken tag error on startup (credit: WenXin20)
    • Fixed issue where Illuminati Pet altered recipe results after spawning the item, reducing recipe output stacks to 1 regardless of original recipe (credit: Galvan2003)
      The Nether Portal Pet now remembers the exact location you teleport to and from, ensuring you will return to the same spot.
    • Chicken Pet speed can now be modified via the config
      Fixed issue with Living Anvil Pet and Living Bed causing crash when spawned near Ice and Fire mobs (credit: Reginald-Halifrax)

    Updated foamfix-0.10.14-1.12.2

    • Added minor network optimization.
    • Added config option to change deflater compression strength.
    • Fixed model bug with client.smallModelConditions.

    Updated Draconic-Evolution-1.12.2-

    -Fixed keybinding conflict with immersive engineering.
    -Added config option for default crafting injector single item mode.
    -Fixed minor rendering bug with energy core particles.

    Updated BrandonsCore-1.12.2-

  • Bug fixes
  • Updated PixelmonInformation-1.12.2-8.2.0-0.4.0

    • Added Nature Information to WAILA and The One Probe, with option to show/hide.

    Updated PTRLib-1.0.5

  • Bug fixes
  • Updated tesla-core-lib-1.12.2-1.0.18

  • Bug fixes