Pokehaan Craft 1.1.9 / Lite 1.0.7 – Changelog

Just a update to hopefully fix some bugs.

Updated CraftTweaker2-1.12- (Pokehaan and Pokehaan Lite)

Updated modtweaker- (Pokehaan only)

Updated Pixelmon-1.12.2-8.3.1-universal.jar (Pokehaan and Pokehaan Lite)
Changelog below (Click continue reading if looking at the changelog from frontpage of my website):


New Forms:
  • Added Spirit Breloom
  • Added Spirit Cresselia
  • Added Spirit Dragapult
  • Added Spirit Drakloak
  • Added Spirit Dreepy
  • Added Spirit Eevee
  • Added Spirit Espeon
  • Added Spirit Flareon
  • Added Spirit Glaceon
  • Added Spirit Jolteon
  • Added Spirit Leafeon
  • Added Spirit Mareanie
  • Added Spirit Milotic
  • Added Spirit Mimikyu
  • Added Spirit Porygon2
  • Added Spirit Regieleki
  • Added Spirit Shroomish
  • Added Spirit Suicune
  • Added Spirit Sylveon
  • Added Spirit Toxapex
  • Added Spirit Umbreon
  • Added Spirit Vaporeon
Updated Models:
  • Updated Gligar
  • Updated Gliscor
  • Updated Lampent
  • Updated Chandelure
  • Updated Vending Machine
  • Added Stone Graveyard
  • Added Swamp Graveyard
  • Added a battle config category (Reset your hocon to see this)
  • Added allowCatchCombo config option
  • Added a config option for Den spawning on liquids.
  • Added config options for Boss levels.
  • Shiny Pokemon now have gold names in battle
  • Added new config options to control breeding regional forms by dimension.
  • Battle errors will now export to their own log files.
  • Added a config to allow/deny juice crafting.
  • Added the Strike and Ashen robes.
  • Added settings to allow fine tuning of Catch combos
  • Added a set of config options to control Master/Park ball use at specific star levels.
  • Added a config option to allow only trhe leader of a raid to catch after a win.
  • Added a set of config options to set the health percentage Raid captures are calculated at.
  • Added 52 miscellaneous items for use, be it for quests, interfaces, etc.
  • Added Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, and Black Flute.


  • Dens can now spawn in mesas.
  • Dens can now also spawn in modded biomes.
  • Z-Move button is now disabled in raids.
  • Low level raids are now harder.
  • Dens now spawn less frequently.
  • Dens and Pokestops are no longer affected by movement plates. The gif was funny but people complained…
  • Change some icon position icons in the battle GUI.
  • Raid end screen now shows shininess.
  • Dens will now spawn in the Nether.
  • Max imprint for a TM is now shown to the client, even if altered.
  • Added emissive texture to Noivern.
  • Dens can now be broken in survival with repeat hits with a pickaxe.
  • Added Park Balls to the default boss drops.
  • Rebalanced default raid drops.
  • Added an engage distance setting for NPCs with a “x and engage” (i.e. walk and engage) AI mode
  • Added a spawning tweak to increase pokemon levels when spawning at a lower y axis (in caves)
  • Berry juice now has variable boosts based on what ingredients were used.
  • Summer Raichu now has the stats of Alolan Raichu.
  • Evolving a Magby while your party contains a Special form Slugma will now make the Magmar gain the special form as well.
  • Badge cases can now be equipped to show off all the badges inside it on your player model.
Quest Changes:
  • Drowned world can now be left by sinking/rising.
  • Added success argument type.
  • Defeat wild objective not triggering if KO was indirect (eg poison)


  • Fixed Ultra Space movement being sluggish
  • Fixed issues with breedlogic always giving alolan forms of pokemon.
  • Raid blacklist now works as intended.
  • Fixed issues with sounds for forms of a pokemon mixing with the sounds of the parent species.
  • Fixed OTs being wiped, and add recovery for lost OT UUIDs.
  • Fixed issues with the battle music causing crashes if the sound manager was reloaded during the game session.
  • Level and egg move icons are correctly positioned in Pokemon’s learnlist.
  • Fixed issues with the superUniversalTM and universalTM config options.
  • Argument.cast not reverting to default value if cast failed.
  • Fixed dynamaxed ditto taking over the world.
  • Dynamax state now resets after a raid.
  • Ultra Space lets you go home instead of murdering you.
  • Alolan Grimer will now count as Dark type for Pancham to evolve.
  • Fixed a missing particle effect with Arceus spawning.
  • Fixed a crash from cushion chair when interacting with a dye of a color the chairs don’t have.
  • Fixed a Raid infinite spawn loop.
  • Fixed streetlights not hanging properly.
  • Fixed Legendary despawn config option ignoring a change.
  • Fixed spectators being able to send out Pokémon.
  • Fixed shiny Gigantamax Urshifu sprites being incorrect.
  • Fixed Creator Lucario sprite.
  • Fixed Eggs’ underlying species being revealed by PC searching.
  • Optimized isLegendary – Now using an EnumSet rather than an ArrayList
  • Optimized isUltraBeast – Now using an EnumSet rather than an ArrayList
  • Optimized TileEntityBerryTree – Reduced calls to getting blocks from world
  • Optimized DateObjective in Quests
  • Optimized Pixelmon entity despawning
  • Optimized ExtraStats
  • Fixed Ditto’s move set not resetting on switch out and faint
  • Fixed PokeDex and TrainerCard showing disabled generations of Pokemon
  • Fixed PokeGifts allowing transferring untradable Pokemon
  • Fixed evolution not happening if you cancelled learning a move beforehand
  • Fixed crash when using the Z-Move form of Weather Ball in weather
Battle Fixes:
  • Delta Stream can no longer be overridden by normal weather.
  • Weather created by Desolate Land, Primordial Sea and Delta Stream no longer stay on the battle if defeated by a Pokemon with Mold Breaker, Teravolt or Turboblaze.
  • Foresight now fails against Pokemon with Foresight status and ignores evasion.
  • Mean Look now ends on the same turn its user fainted.
  • Fixed an issue with Trace not properly copying an opponent’s ability.
  • Fixed targeting issues with triple and horde.
  • Z-Parting Shot now correctly heals on switchout.
  • Dynamax Ditto will now copy movesets on Transform.
  • Splash, High Jump Kick, and Magnet Rise now correctly fail when affected by Gravity.
  • Chilan Berry now only affects Normal type.
  • Contrary and Simple will no longer affect Z-Moves.
  • ZStatusMoves use their base accuracy now, instead of always hitting.
  • Z-Me First will now correctly copy moves.
  • Weather no longer overrides No Guard if a player is using a move that has its accuracy affected by weather.
  • Counter, Mirror Coat, and Metal Burst can now break a Substitute.
  • Bolt Beak and Fishous Rend no longer do enough damage to remove a Pokemon from existence.
  • Destiny Bond is no longer spammable.
  • AI will no longer spam just Stealth Rock.
  • Copycat can no longer copy Max moves.
  • Fixed Minior not swithing back to Meteor form upon health recovering to above 50%.
  • Fixed Minior removing entry hazards upon entering the battle.
  • Fixed an issue with npc switching in double battles.
  • Wild Charge now makes contact.
  • Fixes Emergency Exit causing a crash.
  • Fixed Dark-types not being immune to Mirror Coat.
  • Fixed Ghost-types not being immune to Counter.
  • Fixed an issue in Raids, not being able to catch after battle.
  • Fixed Obstruct not dropping physical attackers’ defense.
  • Fixed BreakneckBlitz being incorrectly typed in weather (i.e. against Groudon would be not very effective due to the harsh sunlight).
  • Fixed Max Moves not using their own targeting properties.
  • Fixed trainers being able to Mega and Dynamax at the same time.
  • Fixed Crowned Zacian and Zamazenta typing in battle.
  • Synchronize nature swap now has one roll chance per Pokemon.
  • Fixed Misty Terrain not preventing bad status conditions for Pokémon on the ground when attacked by Pokemon flying.
  • Pokemon with Guts will no longer receive Guts’ attack boost the turn they wake up from Sleep.
  • Knock Off will now correctly remove Red Card instead of Red Card switching out the Knock Off user.
  • Knock Off now correctly does not remove the target’s held item if the Knock Off user faints from Rough Skin, Iron Barbs, or Rocky Helmet.
  • Fixed Receiver & Power of Alchemy stating they were switching from the ability that they were switching to.
  • Fixed Encore only lasting for two turns instead of 3.
  • Trying to Paralyze a Sleeping opponent will no longer state that they are already paralyzed.
Quest Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with AbsolutePositionObjective
  • Fixed a rare crash with flagActions
  • PokemonObjective now works for empty spec, this fixes some default quests

Full changelog for the Pixelmon changes: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/pixelmon/files/3498054