Pokehaan Craft 2 – Changelog

First of all i am sorry. A issue with “Refined Pipes” made it so the pipes would put items out of them. A fix was to instead move to “Pipez” mod, which was added, in 1.0.9. However… In some cases, with large setups. The “pipez” pipes would crash servers, and cause a lot of lag…

As “Refined Pipes” already have energy pipes, that was fine. I have decided after talking with some. That removing “Pipez” mod, and instead just use “Refined Pipes” energy pipes is the best option. I have disabled the item pipes from Refined Pipes, as those is not very good.

Instead for item transfering, currently you can use “Refined Storage” pipes, that got their own cable, imports and exports. These works with auto crafters, machines etc. So this seems to be the best option for now.

So, “Refined Pipes” for only energy + fluid. And “Refined Storage” cables for item transfering.

If you are on 1.0.8 and updating to this version, not much should change for you. If you are updating from 1.0.9, your pipes from “pipez” will be gone. Hopefully this sorts this pipe issue for now. In the future, there will be other ways to transfer items too. And also new ways of making power.

Your world/server may take a little longer to load, for the first time. Please make a backup before. The world should load up, but can take longer. If a lot of pipes from “pipez” mod have been placed.


  • Removed pipez mod…
  • Re-enabled energy pipes from Refined Pipes (Item pipes is disabled, please use Refined Storage cables for item transfering)
  • Removed pipez quest…
  • Fixed recipe for “Experience Seeds”, so you can now craft them using a recipe.
  • Added EMC to cobbed deepslate.
  • Added a new “All The Pipes” quest
  • Added a “Refined Storage” #6 quest, with cables, import and exporter.
  • Changed the “End” quest, to require 1 End Stone, instead of entering the End advancement. As sometimes the End Advancement would not unlock.
  • Removed EMC on “Kehaan Pet”
  • Kehaan Pet now eats Rare Candy instead