The Week: On a tuesday?!

I am very sorry for no The Week post sunday.  I have been very busy with Fire In The Pipe 2 development, and have had a few doctor appointments (Hopefully getting a new surgery soon, to fix my ankle i broke a year ago). But a lot of things have been going on this week. So lets start from the beginning.

A new feature was added on this blog. This time a Contact Me feature was added. By using this feature you are able to contact me directly. I use twitter mostly however, but this is just a option to contact me in another way.

We decided to not release Beta 7 to MadPack 3. Hopefully it will be out this friday. A few changes was made to the update. As always you can keep up with the changes. This time at

A huge update was released to Crundee Craft. In this version 1.0.13 i updated most of the mods in the pack. One of the best reasons to get this update is, that it have the newest DivineRPG update. This update fixes a lot of issues some of you have had. The full changelog can be seen here:

A new episode with MrCrainer And SSundee was also made. A few more block was added to this episode, and a boss was made.

The boss was made using CustomNPC mod.

I am also planning a new modpack with MRCrainer. Hopefully you will be able to see it soon.

A lot of development have also been going on with pack Fire In The Pipe. Fire In The Pipe 2 is a 1.7.10 modpack, which is very grindy and very hard. I am using a private server with testing the alpha of the pack. And a few casters have joined. If you are a caster, and it may be something for you. Feel free to contact me using the contact form. Write about your stream, and why you want to join. Right now we are full, but maybe there will open a few spots later on. The casters so far streaming the pack is and which both is playing on my server. The server have been up for a few years, and have always only been for a selected few. Kinda a invite only server, with my pack. Vash505 is the newest member on the server. Be sure to check them both out, and watch the pack being played live.

Fire In The Pipe 2 will for sure not be for everyone. I want it to be much more grindy then the first one in the series. Also i try to use different mods this time, some that is rarely seen in other packs. All balanced around GregTech. I am also debating if i am going to use HQM (The questing mod) or not. HQM can in some packs be a good guide, but i also fear that the mod makes people just look at the quest. And once done, they stop playing. But most of the times, there is much more to do then just quest in a pack. If i am going to use HQM in Fire In The Pipe 2, i want it to be used for long term challenges. Like building a Fusion Reactor. Makeing a max tier rocket etc. We will see what i decide to do, during this alpha.
I have no date on when the pack will be out. Most likely in many months. I am in no hurry at all. The pack have always just been for me, and how i want to play Minecraft. so i want it to be just how i want it to be.

I think thats all this time. Thanks for reading this.