The Week: MP3 and Fitp2

Another week, another post. This week i have mainly been working on MadPack 3, Fire In The Pipe 2, a new modpack project and some other small projects.

First of all thank you for reading this blog. This week a new custom adventure was published by MrCrainer which i made. In this small adventure a few new mods was used. One of them was Runic Dungeons  a special dimension filled with small dungeons. For sure worth a look if you dont know about it. One of the big major mods was the Lord Of The Rings mod filled with different dimensions, many monsters and items. If you love Lord Of The Rings, go check that mod out. You can watch his episode of the custom adventure here:

A new update was also released to MadPack 3. This time Beta 7, which added the new BamBlocks. Many of the videos i have posted lately have been of those kind of drops. So if you want to play around with them you can in this new update. Full changelog of the update can be seen here: I had to push a 7.1 to the pack, as i had not been told of a big issue that stopped the user from continuing to the overworld. But i figured out a solution together with MrAmericanMike and Lycanite.

I also made new themed Mario blocks for SSundee and MrCrainer.  We used which adds all the items and monsters. You can watch a episode of the blocks here (The mod does not add the mario lucky blocks which i made):

Even more development have been done with Fire In The Pipe 2. I plan to release a new alpha to the testers here later this week. A few mods will be removed, and a few new ones being added. Be sure to check out my friend InsaneyHaney which is playing and streaming the alpha versions of the pack: One of the biggest changes will be that i am removing health regen in the pack, just like Fire In The Pipe 1 have it.

I have also worked on a new secret modpack project for MrCrainer. You will find out more about it soon 🙂

Thanks again for reading this, but also for following, subscribing and commenting my social medias. Be sure if you dont already, to follow my twitter to keep up to date with everything that happens at I hope you all will have a great new week.