The Week: Crundee Craft and a thank you

Another week, and one step closer with a release of MadPack 3. This week have mostly been about Crundee Craft, Fire In The Pipe 2, MadPack 3 and answering your messages <3

First of all, i would like to thank you all for your messages you are sending me using the contact form here on this blog. They means a lot to me. I try to answer them all, but some i just cant answer. I have got a lot of messages giving me compliments for what i do. But its hard for me to reply. I dont feel very special, or very good. I am just a introverted dude on the interweb, that love Minecraft. But the messages do mean a lot to me. I love that i can use my creativity to make the things i do. Be it blocks, packs or something completely different. I have always had a good imagination. I used it in my early years, to write/draw tons of comic books for my cousins. And now i can use it, to create different kind of stuff in Minecraft. All i just want to say is, thank you very much for your messages, they mean a lot to me.

We are nearly done with MadPack 3, and have it nearly were we want it to be.

Crundee Craft received two updates this week. One which added 2 new mods, and another which added some recipe to one of the mods. The two mods was Botanic Garden, and Irish Blocks, both made by MrAmerican. You can read more about them here

Much more development have been done to Fire In The Pipe 2. It is now in alpha 3, out of ???. I am getting much closer on how i want the pack to be. But still plenty of work to be done. Here is a small screenshot of our alpha testing server.


We use Dynmap to generate the server map. One issue is however it can use a lot of CPU power, and ram. So for small servers, dynmap is not a great idea.

I have also made more random blocks for MrCrainer and SSundee. But i have also worked more on a new pack for MrCrainer. Hopefully you will be able to watch him play it very soon. This pack is using OreSpawn and tons of other mods.

I would also like to thank for sending me a case of Mountain Dew, from my wishing list <3 You are amazing, thank you.

I think thats all for this week. I hope you all have had a great weekend, and will get a even more awesome week.