Pokehaan Craft 2 – 1.6.1 Changelog (Zoooooooom)

Changelog: 1.6.1:

  • Added text on eggs, on when next update arrives, as i forgot to change the date.
  • Next content update will be on April 5th.
  • You can now zoom, with the < key.
  • Removed some scripts that was not used anymore.
  • Added text to EMC Currency, that the player needs to drag and drop the items to the trade window, and not shift click.
  • Changed some text in the NPC trader, to better show what is the price of the trades.

Removed rubidium-mc1.16.5-0.2.13

Added embeddium-0.3.5+mc1.16.5

Add magnesium_extras-mc1.16.5_v1.4.0

Updated KehaanNPCTrader-1.16.5-1.0.1

  • Fixes a issue with crashing when the player shift clicking items into the NPC. Drag and drop the items instead.

Updated inventorypets-1.16.5-2.1

Major Bug Fixes:

  • [All] Cloud Pet no longer interferes with flight abilities from Identity, Morph, angel ring, Fluegal tiara, Flight potion, Vampirism, Ars Nouveau (credit: MikeColle, buddyboy44141, knoxhack, Cheaterpaul, Burgh1)
  • [All] Cloud Pet capabilities no longer applied to Creative Mode flight (credit: GoldeRuby, coloniichan23)

Minor Updates:

  • [All] Cow Pet config added to remove Levitation Effect, default off (credit: Jayv6)
  • [All] Iron Golems no longer aggressive towards Living Anvil and Living Bed pets (credit: MaraDra)
  • [1.16.5] Fixed issues where Pixelmon was causing uncontrolled spawning with Inventory Pets spawners. Use Config option to disableMobSpawning to utilize (credit: Anthony-T-M)
  • [1.16.5] Cow Pet no longer crashes when in Pets Eat Rare Items mode (credit: Kehaan)
  • [All] Pets eat rarer items translations now working properly for Nether Portal and Double Chest