Fire In The Pipe 2: Testing worldgen

First of all, sorry for not posting on here for a while. A lot of stuff have been going on (Surgery, Golden Cobblestone pack, and much more, be sure to follow my twitter :P). I will write a new post soon 🙂 In this post i would just share some of the worldgen i have been playing around with, for Fire In The Pipe 2. This worldgen is not final yet, and will most likely need more tweaks. But i have it soon, were i want it to be. I am soon starting a new test world on my server, with this new worldgen, and a lot of other changes. We are getting much closer to where i want the pack to be. I may even do a beta testing on ATLauncher. However, that is also not decided fully yet.


For now, enjoy these screenshots:

2015-12-02_21.22.24_1024x594 2015-12-03_19.37.39_1024x593  2015-11-28_16.12.30_1024x594 2015-11-28_16.00.43_1024x594 2015-11-28_14.32.08_1024x594

2015-11-28_16.40.19_1024x594 2015-11-28_16.37.36_1024x594 2015-11-28_16.27.46_1024x594 2015-11-28_16.20.25_1024x594