Crundee Craft: 1.0.18 – New villager options and new pets!

A update to Crundee Craft have just been released.


You can read the full changelog here:

Crundee Craft 1.0.18 Full Changelog:

Updated InventoryPets-1.7.10-1.3.8
– Holiday Pets!
– Craft your favorite gift-giving Icon
Illuminati Pet
True Invisibility now includes equipped armor and weapons (!)
Spawn Random Item now has some more special drops, excludes lamps, and has a chance to drop 2 items at once.
Holiday Pets may only be crafted in December
Use the Holiday Pet each day from December 14 – December 25 for different special gifts
Open your gifts the same day you receive them or they will expire!
Gifts become more valuable the closer to the final date
Holiday Pets can be turned off in the config if so desired
New Feed Bag!
Hold all your pet foods in one place. Your pets will find the bag. Keep it anywhere in your main inventory. Pets will search here first before searching the rest of your inventory for food.
Recipe: Leather, String, Leather / Leather, Diamond, Leather / Leather, Chest, Leather
Pets now have a verbal reaction after eating OreSpawn Duct Tape
Juggernaut and Illuminati Pet timer updates no longer show when hungry
Illuminati invisibility no longer uses timer in Creative Mode
Heart Pet hardcore food changed to Brewing Stand (credit: Kehaan)
Revamped Underwater Vision for Squid and Night Vision for Ocelot (credit: MegaOmega101)
Lowered Anvil Repair volume, again (credit: Lachlan)
Deleting Pets with Custom Names no longer wonks out future pet names (@TheProMilkman)
DoubleChest now eats logs
Sheep Pets falls more slowly
Optimized all textures, file size down to 3.6mb
Updated to latest recommended Forge version 1.7.10
Achieve Items now hidden from NEI, so Rob doesn’t crash the server by trying to click on them (credit @Woofless)
Elle no longer dies from Lightning during the Vampire event (credit: RikkudoSennin)
Added alternate recipes for Emerald and Ender Nuggets recipes, to remove conflict with Forbidden Magic (credit: Baconus_Yum)
Added new Achievements for Petmas!
Increased Poison Damage from Pufferfish to a more Legendary level (Merry Xmas Mr. Pufferfish!)
In ‘Kehaan Mode’ aka Hardcore Mode in config, Illuminati Pet now eats Emerald Blocks (credit: Kehaan, of course)
Fixed crash bug in Achievements caused when excluding Illuminati or Holiday Pets in config
Fixed Holiday message so it appears during all of December
You can now remove slime revive sound in the Config (Credit: Dinoramsey)
Squid speed boost now active whenever the player is touching water (Credit: bamfacey)
Banana Pet now works on Ghasts
Added new Pets to Creative Tab Rotation
Night vision potions now work again with Inventory Pets, and you can now use your Gem Helmet from ProjectE. The Ocelot would like to apologize for any inconvenience he may have caused (and are you finished with that sandwich?) (Credit: luffykick)
You can now turn off Jukebox music even when the Jukebox Pet is hungry (awkward…)
Much improved Squid swimming controls (credit: @FiskFille, yeah the Transformers Mod guy)
Pet Namer now saves names properly in Server Environments
Juggernaut and Illuminati Pet timers reset after feeding
Banana Pet no longer loses name after throwing
Deleted Pets with custom names caused auto-italics on future pets (credit: @TheProMilkman)
Lower position of Grave Pet texture so you can see durability bar (credit: myself after much stupidity)
Creeper Pet now consistently provides immunity to explosions (slugsmgee)
Brewing Stand Pet continues spawning potions after inventory full

Updated  malisiscore-1.7.10-0.13.1
– A lot of bug fixes

Updated  malisisdoors-1.7.10-1.12.2
– A lot of bug fixes

Updated  MCA-1.7.10-
– Feature: Added ability to enable/disable structure spawning.
– Feature: Updated translations.
– ​Fix: Villager guards now account for armor on others.
– Fix: Engagement gifts were only retrievable from your spouse.
– Fix: It was possible for your spouse to be stuck holding a baby when you marry them.
– Fix: Possible crash while ending a marriage has been fixed.
– Fix: All item icons now display correctly.
– Fix: Villagers in an arranged marriage had the chance of getting married to someone else due to story progression.
– Technical: MCA is now built on the latest recommended version of 1.7.10
– ForgeFix: RadixCore 2.1.1 is now required for a fix to language issues on a server.
– MAJOR: RadixCore 2.1.0 is now required.
– Feature: Diminishing returns from interactions can now be toggled on/off.
– Feature: Added dimension whitelisting for villager spawns.
– Feature: Added notification when villagers do not want to have additional children via cake method.
– Feature: Added relation tags to villagers you are related to (husband, wife, etc.).
– Feature: Multi-language support is back! Added Finnish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Turkish.
– Feature: Children and villagers can now be infected by zombies. Infected villagers can not do chores and may bite! They can be cured with a potion of weakness and a golden apple.
– Feature: You can now give armor to your children and other villagers.
– Feature: Improved inventory menu and added armor slots.
– Feature: You can now specify a player’s name in the villager editor and their skin will be applied to the villager.
– Feature: Added cooking option for your spouse.
– Feature: The whistle makes called villagers stay.
– Feature: Server owners can now configure child limits.
– Feature: Gifts are now configurable in MCA’s config file.
– Feature: Romantic interactions now have a proper chance of success on your spouse.
– Feature: If a villager is stuck in interaction mode, you can now clear it from the villager editor.
– Change: All world-modifying destiny options will prompt for confirmation before spawning.
– Change: Getting ores from mining now uses weighted probability, reducing the potential for abuse.
– Technical: Rewrote marriage handling.

(Info for server owners: mod and config folder have been changed)