How To Allocate More Ram to Vanilla Minecraft Launcher

If using the vanilla minecraft launcher, you may want to allocate ram on the launcher to get better performance. Doing this is not as easy, as allocating ram on ATLauncher. This guide will show you how to allocate more ram to the vanilla launcher.

Open the launcher, and start a world. Press F3 once the world has loaded, and look in the top right corner.  At “Mem: XX% XXX/1011MB” it displays that we only have 1GB ram allocated to the game. Lets increase it, to get better performance.


Close the game, and open the launcher, and click on “Edit Profile”


You should now see this window. Click on the white box next to “JVM Arguments” so there is a mark in it.


Like this.


Now at -Xmx1G -XX, is where ram can be increased or decreased. As default there is 1024MB ram allocated (1GB). If you have atleast 8GB ram total on your computer. I recommend writing 4G (4096MB ram). If you have 6GB total, I would write 3G. If you have 4GB total i would write 2G, so 50% of your total amount of ram on your computer. Allocating more than4gb ram is usually not needed for vanilla, only if you use a large resourcepack, or use the launcher for modding. But for that i recommend using MultiMC instead.


Now click on “Save Profile”


Press Play, and open a world. Now press F3, you should now see this window.


On the top right corner, you see “Mem: XXXX” If you have done it correct, it should write the total amount of ram allocated. In this case it writes 4083MB, because we allocated 4G.


If it still displays 1024MB, you have done it wrong. You may need to go back, and do the steps again. Be sure to hit save, and it should work. You should now get a much better performance in the vanilla minecraft launcher.