Fire In The Pipe 2: Beta 4 Released

A update to Fire In The Pipe 2 have just been released.

This update is rather large. It adds MouseTweaks mod, updates some mods that adds lots of new content. GregTech is getting a huge update, which adds new MultiBlocks like the AssemblyLine but also polution and much more. Oh, and TinkerConstruct Tools can now despawn and get destroyed… Sooo expect much more salt ūüėõ

(Info for server owners: mods, config and script folder have been changed)

Full changelog can be found here:

Added MouseTweaks-2.4.4

Updated Draconic-Evolution-1.7.10-1.0.2h
– removed some log spam.
-fixed issue which makes it impossible to charge new bows after crafting.
-fixed config option to disable arrow explosion damage.

Updated forestry_1.7.10-
– Prevent NPE from¬†Pam’s Harvestcraft with Agricraft
– Fix Fabricator glass recipes 4000mb->4 blocks
– minor bugfix for witchery sapling fermentation values
РFix  resource block checks for the Alveary
– Fix Crash when trying to pick up wheat from Moistener process slot
– Update localization

Updated gadomancy-1.7.10-
– Fixed localization issues with certain Ethereal Familiar upgrades
– Fixed a rendering issue with the aura core and the ethereal familiar

Updated gregtech-5.09.22

Huge Changes:
– Added Assembly Line multiblock.
Picture construction and use guide.
– Added Components for LuV, ZPM, UV produces by the new Assembly Line.
– Added Machines for LuV, ZPM and UV. (Via Pull Request #551 by Muramasa)
So now there are 8 Tiers of single block machines.
The next updates will move some recipes up to the new machines or add new endgame stuff.
– Added Large Diesel Engine multiblock. (Via Pull Request #500 by Muramasa)
Proper Guide coming soon, for now infos can be found here: GitHub PR Large Diesel Gen
– Large Turbines other than Steam now require higher tiered casings. (Via Pull Request #493 by Muramasa) (Fixes #434)
You need to rebuild all your large turbines besides the Large Steam Turbine!
– Addel Pollution basework. Boilers, Diesel/Gas Generators and Muffler Hatches now add Pollution.
Pollution gets saved per chunk. Pollution spreads and slowly dissipates. Currently no effects. Coming soon.
Smaller Changes:
– Added Blast Furnace recipe for NaquadahAlloy and Osmiridium.
– Argon now has a fluid.
– Added NaquadahAlloy cables for ZPM and Duranium cables for UV.
– Re-factored machine recipe components for LuV to UV.
– Large Plasma turbines will now output the cooled versions of plasmas if an Output Hatch is available. (Via Pull Request #547 by perkinslr) (Fixes #162)
– Advanced Miner II can now silk touch then pulverize ores from other mods than GT. (Via Pull Request #542 by perkinslr)
– Added QuantumEye, QuantumStar and GraviStar to improve Field Generator recipes.
– Added Super Fuel and Magic Super Fuel.
– Notch apples can now be burned in a Magic Energy Converter.
– The Plunger will now empty the input tank of a machine if the output tank is empty. (Fixes #370)
– The Processing Array now supports 10 more machine types. (Fixes #524)
– Added support for the EnderIO wrench. (Fixes #527)
– Machines now support IC2 Single-Use batteries. (Fixes #483)
– GT Plasma Cells that have a Fusion recipe are shown in NEI. (Via Pull Request #518 by Muramasa)
– The Portable Scanner and NC Displays will now show the Optimal Flow for Large Turbines. (Via Pull Request #518 by Muramasa)
– Processing of some ores can now be enabled via the config. (Via Pull Request #515 by OneEyeMaker) (Fixes #512)
– Added Assembler recipes for various Machine Casings. (Via Pull Request #511 by MauveCloud) (Fixes #477)
– Soft Hammer renamed to Soft Mallet and it’s texture is also flipped to differentiate from the Hammer (Via Pull Request #482 by draknyte1) (Fixes #407)
– GT now triggers IC2 achievements unreachable before.
– Added support for Speiger’s Crop NEI Plugin. (Via Pull Request #497 by MauveCloud)
– Glass in machine recipes past IV now requires IC2 reinforced glass.
– Buffed the stats of Ultimet.
– Nerfed biogas from distillery.
– Changes voltage required to process Combs and crop drops.
– Deduced cost to produce Polycaprolactam(String from oil).
– Buffed the stats of Neutronium. (Fixes 489)
– Reduced damage of Turbine Rotors in Plasma Turbines and added a config value. (Fixes 505)
– Rebalanced sifting outputs.
– Pyrolyse oven can now be overclocked.
– Charcoal/Lignite blocks now have fuel values.
– Advanced Miner II now takes the ore byproduct output chance into consideration. (Via Pull Request #536 by Techlons)
– Corrected the burn value of Wooden Plates.
– Fixed Exploit with Advanced Miner II where infinite mining pipes came out.
– The Distillation tower will not start processing if there is a little oil left in second input hatch.
– Magic Energy Absorber can now produce power from Enchanted Books. (Fixes #487)
– Fixed Magic Energy Absorber not calculating it’s efficiency properly. (Fixes #486)
– Unstable ingots are now blacklisted from Unification. (Fixes #529)
– Fixed Exploits with Advanced Miner II where an ore block could be mined twice. (Via Pull Request #533 by Techlone)
– The Processing Array can now handle multiple input stacks at a time. (Via Pull Request #526 by perkinslr)
– Brittle Charcoal can now be harvested in Adventure Mode. (Via Pull Request #511 by MauveCloud) (Fixes #436)
– Fixed Brittle Charcoal server client sync bug. Enforce correct tool and mining level. (Via Pull Request #511 by MauveCloud) (Fixes #503)
– Fixed various storage blocks not enforcing tool levels. (Via Pull Request #503 by MauveCloud)
– Fixed 3 misspelt TC Aspects causing them not to be recognized by GT machines. (Via Pull Request #518 by Muramasa) (Fixes #507)
– Achievement “Full Efficiency” now has to be unlocked before “As Dense As Possible” (Via Pull Request #518 by Muramasa)
– Added missing GUI buttons to GT High Pressure and Bronze machines. (Via Pull Request #518 by Muramasa) (Fixes #367)
– Turbine Rotor tooltip now shows the correct Optimal Gas Flow. (Via Pull Request #518 by Muramasa) (Fixes #501)
– Fixed crash when right clicking Fluid Filter with an item that isn’t a fluid container. (Via Pull Request #518 by Muramasa) (Fixes #517)
– Redone all multiblock tooltips so that they now follow a similar structure and are a little easier to understand. (Via Pull Request #518 by Muramasa)
– Output buses will now try and split exported items to multiple buses if there is no one left to take full stack. (Via Pull Request #499 by MauveCloud) (Fixes #180)
– Sulfuric Naphtha is now spelt correctly. (Via Pull Request #473 by leagris) (Fixes #472 & #219)
– The EV Battery Charger recipe now uses the OreDictionary.
– Moved GT Bee init to earlier load phase.
– Fixed a depricated autogenerated recipe for Assemblymachine.
– Rised generator internal EU storage to counter production bug.

Updated ModTweaker2-0.9.6
– Fixes bugs

Updated/Added TConstruct-1.7.10-1.8.8.DEV.1486950
– Removed TContruct-1.7.10-1.8.8, and added above
– see below

– You now need a Shard Of Creation to make a Twillight Portal
– TinkersConstruct tools/weapons can now despawn and can be destroyed. So be prepared to loose your beloved tools >:)
– Edited the Twillight Portal quest, to now mentions you need the Shard Of Creations
– Fixed GT Shutter Module Recipe @ Thanks kojul
– Updated BetterTitlesScreen to mention Beta 4 (forgot to do that to last update)
– Added recipe for Clear Glass

(Info for server owners: mods, configs and script folder have been changed)

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