Fire In The Pipe 2: Beta 5 Released

A update to Fire In The Pipe 2 have just been released.

Another week, another update with nerfs. This update adds a mod that lets me write books. The first one is a book that shows you all the ores spawning levels. You get this book by completing the first quest in a new quest line.
Do note this update removes ALL enchantment tables in the world, to solve a conflict. Just hit “continue” when world loading, or “/fml confirm” if on a server.

(Info for server owners: mods, config and script folder have been changed)

Full changelog can be found here:

Added Enchiridion 2-1.7.10-2.0.2a

– Made a “A Helping Hand” quest chapter, that gives you a ore spawning level book.
– Added a Ore spawning level book, that shows you at which y level you can find the ores at.
– Changed the TitleScreen text to beta 5 from beta 4.
– Nerfed Stuffed Eggplant @Thanks M1Jordan for info
– Nerfed all Natura Slabs @Thanks M1Jordan for info
– Added recipe for Necrotic Bone
– Made new recipe for Builders Wand
– Removed Destruction Pickaxe, Erosion Shovel, Etheric Sword, Precision Shears and Temporal Hoe.
– Changed recipe of Thaumometer
– Changed recipe of Unstable Ingots
– Changed recipe of Magical Wood
– Removed EtFuturum Enchantment Tables to solve a conflict @Thanks kojul for info

(Info for server owners: mods, configs and script folder have been changed)

Previous changelog: