Fire In The Pipe 2.0.0 Released

A update to Fire In The Pipe 2 have just been released.

The pack will with this update go out of beta, and into a release. In this update some bugs have been fixed, and a few mods updated. This update is out on ATLauncher and the Curse Client.

I still plan on making small updates to this pack, but will focus on looking at 1.10.2 modding now 🙂

(Info for server owners: mods, config and script folder have been changed)

Full changelog can be found here:

Updated ChanceCubes-1.7.10-
– Removed the tier 4 pendant
– Changed the crafting recipe for the chance pendants
– Changed crafting recipies requiring Tier 2 Pendent to use tier 1
– Pendants no longer stack
– Added the Watch_World_Burn reward
– Disabled Inventory_Chest reward due to item deletion bugs
– Added Questions reward
– Changed generation physics for the desert biome
– Added more options to the item renamer
– Shorten the block removal delay for the one_is_lucky reward
– Added the Nether Biome to the Biodome
– Lowered the amount of pillars in the ore_pillar reward
– Disabled the Inventory_Chest reward
– Fixed a bug with Chance Cubes not getting assigned a random chance value
– Fixed a bug with the Tuberous_Capacitor having more than normal energy (1.7.10)
– Fixed a bug with chest items bugging out
– Fixed a bug with minecraft version dependencies
– Fixed a bug with the Chance Cube Scanner (1.9.4 and 1.10.2)
– Chance Cube Dispenser no longer says chance value random
– Silver fish blocks reward now has a block on the bottom
– Fixed a bug with playing vanilla minecraft sounds in custom rewards. (Custom sounds are still WIP) (1.9.4 and 1.10.2)
– Holiday textures are reenabled for all versions

Updated inventorypets-1.7.10-
– [1.7.10] Pingot Pet no longer causes crash trying to remove Redstone while it Redstone is animating (Credit: HskrLvr247)

Updated RTG-1.7.10-1.1.1
– New event handling system.
– Added biome support for Flowercraft.
– RTG saplings only work in the Overworld again.
– Added world type notification screen.
– Re-surfaced vanilla Desert M – fixes issue #825 related to the desert shadow block generating deep beneath the surface.
– WorldGenCacti honours soilBlock & soilMeta – fixes issue #822 related to cacti generating on regular sand in Mesa biomes.
– Potentially fixed issue #705 (Half-cobble/half-sandstone villages )
– Fixed event handling system.

Updated SpiceOfLife-mc1.7.10-1.3.6
– Fix food.eating.duration.max being used as a min
– Bug fixes

Updated TheBetweenlands-1.0.6-alpha-universal
– Fixed Gas Cloud renderer crash
– Fixed Gas Cloud having inconsistent texture animation
– Fixed shaders not reloading properly
– Fixed several issues related to the Repeller
– Improved Repeller. The Repeller now has an adjustable radius and a bigger maximum radius.
– Fixed Equipment not persisting and getting lost if gamerule “keepInventory” is true
– Fixed Chiromaw sometimes not attacking player
– Decreased amount of enemies in Cragrock Tower

– Forestry Farm Blocks now require molten redstone, instead of glowstone.
– Added tool tips to some research like Chance Cubes, in which part of the thaumcraft book those research can be found at.
– Changed the TitleScreen text to 2.0.0

(Info for server owners: mods, configs and script folder have been changed)