Fire In The Pipe 2.1.0 Released

A update to Fire In The Pipe 2 have just been released.

This update is a very large update. It makes the pack loads up to around 30% faster. Also adds a lot of new features. I have also added a new button on the main screen, that directs to NodeCraft.

(Info for server owners: mods, config, scrips folders have been changed)

Full changelog can be found here:

– Changed version number to 2.1.0 in the menu
– Added a button to create a server, which directs to my NodeCraft link on the menu.
– Fixed some scripts
– Removed Beta mention in quest book
– Removed GalacticGreg as not needed anymore, see GregTech changelog below.

Updated Carpenter’s Blocks v3.3.8.1 – MC 1.7.10
– Fixed vine overlay bug introduced in v3.3.8.
– Reduced torch light level to match vanilla torches.
– Fixed torches not preventing mob spawns.
– Fixed slope rotation/type hammer interaction; left-click rotates, right click changes type.
– Fire properties are now side-sensitive. This enables a top netherrack cover to burn indefinitely.
– Players can now access Carpenter’s Safes that are stuck in ‘open’ state due to improper shutdown.

Updated ChanceCubes-1.7.10-
– Fixed texture bugs with the regular and Giant Chance Cubes – Added alternate answers for some quetions

Updated EnderCore-1.7.10-
– Bug fixes

Updated forestry_1.7.10-
– Fix Alveary in the Nether does not have Hellish temperature
Fix BeeHousings so they can detect biome changes

Updated gadomancy-1.7.10-
– Fix EntityRegistry crashes
– Improved Mirrored jar rendering
– Fix ItemRegistry null items

Updated gendustry-
– bdew: Added custom flower alleles (WIP)
– aireayquaza: Better french (fr_FR) translation

Updated gregtech-5.09.25
– Major changes: Rewritten oregen system (by Muramasa-) The addon GalacticGreg got integrated and can now be removed from modpacks without any issue. Oretypes for Galacticraft planetes stones got added. Oretypes for Underground Biomes stones got added.
– More heating Coils for Electric Blast Furnace (by OneEyeMaker) Old heating Coils are now Depricated. They should automaticly update. If not, you can pick them up and shapeless craft them into the new Coil types. LuV+ Materials now need higher tiers of heating coils.
– Load speed optimations (by Bogdan-G, portet by Muramasa-) Many small improvements. The slower load was before, the better the speedup. 5-30% less startup times have been measured.
– Pollution Now fully functional and activated. To get exact pollution value, use the Tricorder/Portable Scanner on any block to get pollution in the current chunk. Can be disabled in config or limits for effects can be set. Current effects, limits subjet to change: Pollution > 750 000: Sometimes weak poison effect, gets stronger and more often as pollution rises. Pollution > 1 000 000: Grass, Trees and plants start to die. Pollution > 2 000 000: Rain becomes acid and slowly destroys stones. Fuel burners and muffler hatches produce 10-100 pollution per second. Every chunks pollution gets updates once per minute. Pollution goes down by 1% + 2000. Neighbour chunks that have less than 80% pollution get 10% pollution moved over. Transfer minium 50000. Planned: Smog, pollution production from other mod burners, better balancing, better multi dimension support.
– Update Capelist URL.
– Correctly remove items from Assembly Line input hatches.
– Fixed assemblyline not working in negative world coordinates.
– Fluidfilter cover fix.
– Wires used in some IV recipes changes.
– Updated Achievements.
– Made GT machines sounds adjustable with sliders.
– Fixed Super Fuel Fuelvalue handling.
– Made wires paintable.
– Update Processing Array recipe on machine replacement.
– Large Turbines now explode when producing more than the dynamohatch voltage tier.
– Fixed localisation of Assembly Line constructions plans.
– Fixed large turbine integer overflow.
– Added Magneticraft compatibility. (GT ore processing gets loaded into Magneticraft multiblocks)
– Return slabs on paper crafting.
– Added Metal Subtags to Tungstencarbide and Vanadiumsteel.
– Fixed dimensional teleporter.
– Reduced teleporting costs for long and interdimensional distances.
– Changed item pipes behavior. The one transfer per second now can be split into multiple targed inventorys.
– Naquadah Gen Mark III now also returns used naquadah.
– Added missing reactoria leaf recipes.
– Changed Magnetite aurelia processing recipe.
– Fixed wrong quintuple plate recipe.
Force only single maintainance hatch on Distillation Tower, rised min stainless steel casings by 10.
– Many fixes on the new Material system.
– Also added a Minetweaker script parser. GT automaticly scanns for MT scripts and enables all items used in them automaticly.
– Fix pollution crash.
– Remove .bats because of some antivirus programms misrecognition them.
– Fixed short distance teleports.
– Fixed Fusion Reactor input.
– Fix returning slabs on paper craft.
– Fix GT Capes.
– Fix Asteroid worldgen.
– Fix Electric Blast Furnace heat behavior.
– Change load order for doors to fix malisis doors conflict.
– Changed nerfed Comb&Crop recipes.
– Allow energy hatch to be in every slice of assembly line.
– Optimize hiding of recycling recipes.
– Change Multiblock Tooltips(Large Boiler, Large Turbine and Large Diesel Gen).
– Add config to drop items from exploding machines.
– Fixed charcoal pile igniter bug.
– Added forming press support for processing arrays.

Updated IC2NuclearControl-2.4.2a
Added the Vanilla Machine Card, the Inventory Tracking Card and the Vanilla Kit.
– Added Taiwanese Chinese and Hong Kong Chinese (zh-hk and zh-tw).
– Added British English (en-GB).
– Added dev and api jars.
– Fixed some network issues with GUIs and machines.
– Possibly fixed a crash that occurs with mods that add capes.
– Fixes RF storage issues with Mekanism.
– Modified capitalization of some words.
– Updated Pirates’ Talk (en-PT).
– Fixes Redstone Flux support.
– Adds a crafting recipe for the Vanilla Kit.
– Adds further support for Big Reactors.
– Fixes reactor timing.
– Fixes some issues related to capes, and allows them to be configured.
– Fixed Swedish (sv_SE) language file.
– Removed the Hong Kong Chinese (zh_HK) language file, as it is not supported by Minecraft.
– Fixed an accidental dependency on Thermal Expansion 4.

Updated industrialcraft-2-2.2.823-experimental
– Bug fixes.

Updated Railcraft_1.7.10-
NEW: Added Perpetuum Locomotive, a Creative only Locomotive that doesn’t require fuel of any kind. (contribution by Forecaster)
– FIX: Wrestle missing RF Unloader textures from the maws of Git, the beast.
– FIX: Crash when creating EnergyCart. (issue #820)
– FIX: Rebalance Enchantment weights. (issue #819)
– FIX: The RF Unloader should now push RF to surrounding blocks instead of hoarding it for itself. (issue #821)

Updated RouterReborn-1.7.10-
Fixes RF router exploit
– Fixes RF router ticking block crash when more then 1 router was connected
– Fixes Router not moving on to next machine, when max slot stack size was less then the items stack size

Updated SGCraft-1.11.3-mc1.7.10
– Fix infinite recursion when addOresToExistingWorlds enabled.
– Prevent ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException from Maritech
world generation.

(Info for server owners: mods, configs, scripts folder have been changed)