Farming Valley 0.7.1 Released

A update to Farming Valley have just been released.

This update adds 3 new mods, adds many more items to be able to sell. Also adds many more items that you can buy. Take a look at Katlins, Yulif and Tomas new stock. Also Candice at the Animal Ranch have some new pets she have been collecting, and want to sell some of. Can you collect them all?
BetterFoliage should also now make the world even more pretty, and Bibliocraft lets you get some furniture.
A lot of bugs and exploits, have also been fixed.

Info for server owners: mods, script and config folder have been changed.

Full changelog can be found here:
Added BetterFoliage-MC1.10.2-2.1.3
Added BiblioCraft[v2.2.1][MC1.10.2]
Added inventorypets-1.10-1.4.9

– Katlin now sells some new items.
– Yulif now sells some new items.
– Tomas at the Church now sells some new items.
– Candice now sell some new Pets.

– You can now sell Apples
– You can now sell Sugar Canes
– You can now sell Golden Apples
– You can now sell Golden Bread
– You can now sell Golden Carrots
– You can now sell the Notch Apple
– You can now sell BOP Berry
– You can now sell BOP Pear
– You can now sell BOP Peach
– You can now sell BOP Persimmon
– You can now sell The Netherstar
– You can now sell The Starry Emerald
– You can now sell The Starry Apple
– You can now sell cookies
– You can now sell emeralds
– You can now sell Diamonds
– You can now sell Pumpkin Pie

– Fixed some exploits with Cyclic and the animals 😛
– Nerfed chest loots
– Added tooltip to Forestry farm blocks.
– Forestry Sturdy casing decreased from 300k to 200k
– StorageDrawers controller decreased from 500k to 400k
– Added a achievement to buy all pets from Candice. (May need to use “/flushAchievements” command, to see the new ones)

Updated AppleCore-mc1.10.2-2.1.1
– Sync difficulty to each player on login (instead of only on server startup)

Updated BabyMobs-1.10.2-1.5.4
– Fixed possible crash related to Baby Wither

Updated Baubles-1.10.2-1.3.9
– added player references to capabilities container and added checks for item validity.

Updated BiomesOPlenty-1.10.2-

– Flowering leaves no longer render as white boxes.
– Fixes crash when picking up pistons
– Updated to latest RB of Forge.
– Make some noise params from vanilla configurable
– Removed unnecessary Result.ALLOW for all generators
– Re-added biome fog colours and fog density.
– Leaf piles may now be placed on anything solid.
– Added some vanilla convenience recipes.
– Added mud and mudballs to the Ore Dictionary.
– Fixed superflat world customization with ‘default to bop worldtype’
– Fixed some achievements not working Re-implemented some achievements
that have been commented out for a while Slight cleanup of
– Fixed Flower Basket

Updated chiselsandbits-12.11
– Trigger Updates related to full blocks breaking near C&B Blocks.
– Extend Minimize Latency time and add option, this improves flashing when renderer switching.
– Track Dead Tessellators more readily, fixes an issue where updates would pause in low memory situations.
– Fixed Commit Changes API not triggering render updates.
– Compare Mod ID’s in ignoring case for item domain for key binding annotation.

Updated Cyclic-1.10.2-1.10.5
– New Block: Aerial Faith Plate
– This is a combination of conveyors and jump pads
– Air Charm now helps prevent fall damage if you fall and then use it in midair.
– Fix the Structure Builder sometimes placing ghost blocks.
– Structure Builder now has new modes: Solid, Stairway, Sphere.
– Fix an infrequent crash with Harvester when you break it while its still running and about to harvest.
– Fix a crash caused by Cyclic when throwing an ender pearl while riding a mount, (feature causing this is config > player > PearlsOnHorseback).
– Machines now have animations when running.
– A few items have new names, recipes, or textures.
– Auto fisher now requires any two of the six faces to be wet, but it can be any sides so automation is easier.
– Auto fisher now displays frequency in GUI, which is fishing speed based on nearby water.
– Auto Fisher will no longer let enchanted fishing rods break, it drops them with 1 point left.
– Uncrafting grinder has two new error types for the ? button, one for if something is enchanted, and the other if the recipe type is unknown and not supported.
– New Item: Redstone Lever, bind this to a lever in the world and then operate it remotely.
– Most item rendering rotation changed to match vanilla items (Thanks Frost2779).
– Scaffolding block changes: renamed to Fragile Scaffolding, slowed down rate of decay, and recipe output increased.
– New Block: Reactive Scaffolding that auto breaks when its neighbour breaks.
– New Block: Replaceable Scaffolding: building on it replaces it instead of normal placement.
– Reduced sound of scaffolding blocks.
– Scaffolding blocks are climb-able like a ladder.
– Scaffolding blocks can be built at long range: build while sneaking and it builds a block on the far opposite side, so you can easily build bridges or towers.
– Fixed scaffolding transparency (it no longer kills grass).
– Fix a mod compatibility / item duplication glitch with a block from cyclic and the Drill from Actually Additions.
– A few more updates for block item-model rotation.
– Added Swim Speed Potion.
– Added Block Rotator (Similar to Piston Scepter but its cheaper and only one mode).
– Added Air Charm: Lets you walk on air while sneaking.
– Fixed Ender Aura not working: It now correctly prevents ender pearl damage.
– Ender Aura Potion now also prevents ALL suffocation damage.
– Ender Aura Potion now makes Enderman drop more exp from the player kill (randomly 1-5 extra).
– Item Magnet now can be shut off by giving it redstone power.
– New Items: Glowing Chorus Fruit, Darksight Helmet, Nokozan Chestplate, Leggings of Zakarum, Boots of Elitch
– Update zh_CN lang file.
– Config fix: claySize was missing from ocean category
– New Item: Climbing Gloves.  Climb any vertical surface while this item is in your hotbar or offhand.
– New Item: Rod of Elevation. Teleport yourself or any target entity to the nearest surface above.  Limited uses.

Updated Enchiridion-1.10.2-3.1.17
– Added support for books from the following mods: Environmental Tech, Simple Achievements, Village Box & Pokecube

Updated EnderCore-1.10.2-
– Bug fixes

Updated IvToolkit-1.3.2-1.10
– Performance! Blurred Value Fields now perform a lot better, especially with huge clouds of data (by splitting into chunks)
– A lot more blocks and entities should turn and mirror correctly now! (Especially modded ones)
– Mazes are now more stable in generating

Updated RecurrentComplex-1.2.9-1.10
– Lots more village buildings!! (thanks gibraltarMC and Defoxx)
– Improved Ruins Transformer!! Ruins now look a lot more dynamic and actually perform a lot faster, too.
– Mazes now generate a lot more reliably as well as fast!
– More big and huge mazes underground!
– Some trees spawning from saplings didn’t spawn on the saplings!
– Big structures now spawn a lot faster (more performance)!
– Decoration sometimes crashed the game! (Now it only logs an error)
– New Command! /#convertschematic directly converts a schematic file to a structure file.
– #importschematic can now handle uncompressed schematic files
– Schematic Files now correctly load old vanilla tile entities that didn’t before
– Natural Generation Categories can now try spawning structures more than once per biome (structureSpawnChances)
– #fill and /#sphere now run a lot faster
– Some trees spawned where they shouldn’t (and kept two more types of rocks from spawning)
– Fixed an issue that prevented some village buildings from spawning (whoops!)!
– Village Houses now rotate towards the street correctly
– Item Generation Component weight sliders now scale correctly like all weight sliders
– Generic Solid and Space blocks now appear in the creative menu again
– Resource Expressions work again with casing (fixes structureLoadMatcher, structureGenerationMatcher etc.)
– Trees now also check the surrounding terrain on world generation. This makes forests less dense, but prevents trees from spawning inside each other.
– Structures no longer spawn in biomes they’re not supposed to on biome edges.
– Rocks no longer spawn in oceans
– Replace and replace all transformers now get the NBT Editor GUI for entering the blocks’ NBT values. Inventory Generation Tags also are now executed from these transformers’ placed tile entities.
– Frequent Structures no longer block bigger structures from spawning (can be adjusted in the individual structure files)
– Mazes generate a bit more reliably

Updated refinedstorage-1.2.20
– Fixed client side crash with cables (raoulvdberge)
– Added Solderer particles (raoulvdberge)
– Added Grid sorting by ID (way2muchnoise)
– Added integration for Collosal Chests for the External Storage, Importer and Exporter improving performance (way2muchnoise)
– Exposed the Network Card inventory of the Network Transmitter so other tiles can interact with it (raoulvdberge)
– Increased size of Detector textbox (way2muchnoise)
– Autocrafting bugfixes (way2muchnoise)
– Fixed stack upgrades not working in exporter when stack size is 16 (way2muchnoise)
– Fixed crash when rotating External Storage (raoulvdberge)
– Handle breaking and placing blocks better for Constructor and Destructor (way2muchnoise)
– Updated cable part back texture and Construction and Destruction Core textures (CyanideX)
– Updated Forge to 2221 (raoulvdberge)
– Fixed disk textures not working on latest Forge (raoulvdberge)
– Updated Chinese translation (TartaricAcid)

Updated SimpleAchievements-MC1.9.4-1.2.2-28
– Potentially fix issues with multiplayer achievements (randomly sharing data between users)
– Fix parsing of data file when there are blank lines or extra spaces (should ignore them now)

Updated SpiceOfLife-mc1.9.4-1.3.7
– Fix incompatibility with a few mods (like EnderIO) where the food journal/lunch bag/lunch box textures would show as missing (#100)
– Fix rare/random IllegalArgumentException error when filling lunch bag/box from an inventory (#118)
– Fix typo in description (#101)
– Bump EvalEx expression parser to latest version
– Add ‘exact_count’ formula variable that ignores food groups (#106)
– Add Ukrainian language localization (thanks @Coolboy21) (#112)

Updated StorageDrawers-1.10.2-3.5.17
– Fixed possible stack overflow crash.
– Fixed quantified drawers causing rendering problems in world (thanks codewarrior0).
– Fixed drawers causing other, rarer rendering problems in world.
– Fixed compacting drawers needlessly re-rendering chunks when item count changed (thanks codewarrior0).

(Info for server owners: mods, script and config have been changed)