Farming Valley 0.7.8 & 0.7.9 Released

A update to Farming Valley have just been released.

This update fixes some bugs, and adds a new mod to the pack. Mainly a item that lets you read how far a crop is in its growing stage, and much more info about it. Thank you for making the mod.

Info for server owners: mods, script and config folder have been changed.

Full changelog can be found here:

Removed Natura Seed Bags, as they could be used for a exploit.

Added HarvestReader-1.0.0
– Jenni sells the Crops Reader for 1000 gold. Hold it in your hand, and right click a crop with it to read how far a crop is with growing.

Updated ChanceCubes-1.10.2-
– Began writing web hooks to use less web calls
– Cosmetic code changes
– Using singular Random class for all rewards
– Updated ExtraUtils Mod hook
– Added the ability for users to not check for globally disabled rewards and added disclaimer
– Updated how Scheduler and tasks worked
– Method organization for possible future forge changes (*cough* blockStateFromMeta *cough*)
– New schematic creation system
– Lots of other smaller tweaks and changes
– Bug fixes

Updated BiblioCraft[v2.2.4][MC1.10.2]
– Everything from the BiblioCraft v1.11.6 update
– Fixed the clipboard dropping a block in addition to the clipboard item when broken
– Fixed the tape measure post dropping when broken.
– Fixed the toolrack deleting items with a stack size greater than 1, stack size limit increased to 64
– Fixed sword pedestal recipes with dyes, previously would return the incorrect pedestal color
– Fixed clipboard block changing 2 pages at a time when trying to change places with the clipboard in the world
– Implemented IItemHandler to better support mods interacting with BiblioCraft inventories
– Fixed the typesetting table not correctly saving books
– Fixed several console errors
– Fixed marker pole position in GUI so it doesn’t overlap other objects in mods like JEI
– Fixed multiple rendering bugs casuing the game to crash
– Fixed several rendering bugs relating to item and block rendering to fix some missing model rendering issues
– Fixed framed blocks keeping their custom textures / panels when broken
– Improved support for tinkers tools and weapons in BiblioCraft toolracks and such
– Improved support for Pams Harvestcraft on the Potion Shelves
– Fixed incorrect Fancy Sign text colors
– Fixed armor stand rendering
– Fixed armor stand not dropping correct block if top block is broken
– Fixed atlas not rendering player position
– Fixed a dupe with the atlas
– Fixed shelf middle part not loading when shelves are places on top of one another
– Added Atlas book border and waypoint pins to first person veiw so it again look like it did in Minecraft v1.7.10
– Fixed atlas updating properly when in off hand and fixed a dupe with the atlas
– Can now use space bar in additional the the middle mouse click to select a map in the atlas (only if auto-center is off)
– Fixed the atlas crashing when crafted on a server
– Fixed the plumb line giving the wrong y coordinate
– Attempted to fix a rendering crash that keeps happening
– Fixed a rendering crash that seems to be happening quite frequently to some folks
– Tweaked Reading Enchantment level / rarity

0.7.9: Changed The Crop Reader to be sold at Jenni instead of Yulif.

Happy Farming <3

(Info for server owners: mods, script and config have been changed)