Farming Valley 0.8.0 Released

A update to Farming Valley have just been released.

This update once again fixes some bugs, but also adds 1 new mod (Plus its coremod). This mod adds new vehicles to the pack, which Johan now sells. Some of them are very expensive. Can you get them all?

Info for server owners: mods, script and config folder have been changed.

Full changelog can be found here:

Tomas In the church now opens for longer time
Tomas now sells some new items
Tomas now sells chanceCubes instead of Johan
Johan have longer opening hours
Johan is now a mechanic, and is selling many new vehicles, can you get them all?
Moved Waila location

Added MoonCore(3.5) 1.10
Added soggytransportation-34.0(1.10)

Updated Forge
– Bug fixes

Updated BetterFoliage-MC1.10.2-2.1.7
– fixed newly introduced x-ray bugs
– fixed compatibility with OptiFine anisotropic filtering and antialiasing
– fixed glitchy textures on round log endcaps for non-nVidia users

Updated BiomesOPlenty-1.10.2-
Lots of bug fixes

Updated ChanceCubes-1.10.2-
– Fixed support for mod hooks
– Fixed a bug with custom user rewards

Updated inventorypets-1.10-
– Fixed issue with Feed Bag and Pet Chest crashing client on open.
– Banana Pet can now be thrown from the off-hand [1.10.2, 1.11.2]
– Ocelots now send Creepers in multiple random directions and no longer create Creeper Parties
– Ocelot fishing finding frequency has been reduced
– Books can now be properly enchanted with the Enchanting Table Pet
– Dungeon guards will not longer continue spawning if other guards are around
– Fixed big exploit with passive pets. How nobody else found this in the 2+ years of this mod’s existence (inlcluding me), we will never know (credit: FKFHNIS)
– Fixed issue with Banana occasionally disappearing when original slot full (credit: FKFHNIS)
– Fixed Banana Pet dupe when close to objects
– Fixed label for hardcore mode Enchant Table
– Experience Points now properly deducted by Enchanting Table
– Fixed night vision conflicts with Witchery, AbyssalCraft, and a few others
– Anvil Pet no longer ruins chisels from Chisels and Bits

Updated journeymap-1.10.2-5.4.7
– Bug fixes

Updated RecurrentComplex-1.4.4-1.10
– If generation and transformer IDs are missing, consistently randomize them across loads. This fixes structures sometimes spawning with negative space blocks in the world
– /#sanity now checks for empty transformer and generation IDs
– /#vanilla gen is now more stable
– /#vanilla gen –seed is more meaningful by not being chunk-dependent anymore
– /#duplicate is now gone in favour of /#move –duplicate (or /#move -c)
– /#replace is now gone in favour of just /#fill
– /#move now has a –times option
– /#property now has a –shape option
– The block selector now selects over an infinite(ish) distance
– Structures are no longer cut at the chunk border!!
– New Command: /#vanilla gen, which generates a vanilla structure (e.g. village or fortress)
– /#whatisthis and /#vanilla check now check for vanilla structures too
– The game should no longer or at least less often crash with MissingMappingException (TileEntity is missing a mapping […])
– Village structures can now choose to have no front (also good for unrotatable structures)
– Fix for two poem generation related crashes
– /#crop now has a fitting default exp value
– Command System overhaul!!! Almost every command changed in usage or even name! (The wiki will be updated to match soon)
– /#& “command 1” “command 2” [..], which runs multiple commands at once! This is especially useful in conjunction with /#map and /#selection
– Poems are now more adjustable! It’s now completely backus-naur based.
– Structures no longer generate in all dimensions at once!!! (whoops!)
– Sanity check and compatibility approach for dimensions that skip chunk population! (this means structures should now be able to generate in any dimension, whether previously compatible or not)
– New Command: /#sanity will go through a bunch of quick checks to make sure everything is more or less sane
– Fix for a few structures never generating
– Village structures no longer generate partially with the wrong biome’s blocks
– /#reload now roughly shows the kind of error if there was one
– The tile entity forwards compatibility is a bit better (fixing ‘Skipping BlockEntity rcspawnscript’ errors in lightweight mode)
– Structures now properly save their instance data for later, fixing multichunk issues left and right!
– Less crashes with multithreaded and cascading chunk generation (hopefully none anymore)!
– Trees will stop generating in non-hot, sandy biomes
– Generation Data will not be saved with a colon in the filename anymore, as that’s illegal on most OSs (you might want to rename reccomplex_random.dat and reccomplex_generation.dat to reccomplex-random.dat and reccomplex-generation.dat, respectively)
– Fix for the maze generation crashes in lightweight mode (since loading the tile entities failed)
– Floating vines will occur less often
– Performance improvements
– Villages no longer generate huge networks of paths
– Structures in and out of villages aren’t cut off at chunk borders (or chunk border +8) anymore!
– Chunk-partial generation is now a lot more efficient for big structures by skipping things that don’t need to generate in the current chunk
– Mazes no longer generate the entries’ structures for every single chunk

Updated Waddles-1.10.2-0.5.3
– Fixed penguins spawning in biomes with an empty spawnable list
– Changed spawn rates from between 2 and 5, to between 1 and 4

Happy Farming <3

(Info for server owners: mods, script and config have been changed)