March Update! Endgame Kehaan Trader NPC – Pokehaan Craft 2

We just entered March , so time for a new content update to my Pixelmon Minecraft modpack “Pokehaan Craft 2”. This update adds some new QoL improvements. Which lets you easier see at which Y levels different ores spawn at. But I also added a new Kehaan Endgame Trader NPC, that lets you trade EMC for singularities that usually require a lot of crafting. Thank you very much for all the downloads of the modpack, the modpack. We are nearly at 500.000 downloads on Curseforge!

“PixelConfig” Mod Out Now

“The plan with this mod is to add configs, to different features in the mod Pixelmon. As of right now this mod adds changes to the Pixelmon to prevent Pokestops from being generated in the world. Pixelmon doesn’t have a easy way to disable it, so this mod overrides the NBT for the structures. So all you have to do is add this mod, and it disables them.”

Download link:

New “PokeballReveal” mod out NOW

This mods adds Pixelmon’s pokeballs to JEI to allow for looking up recipes. Normally the recipes is not shown in JEI, at all times. But this mod enables from the beginning to check the recipes of each ball as soon as you load up the game. This also works if it is the first time you login on a server, that uses this mod.

The mod is for Minecraft 1.16.5


Here is a screenshot of how the recipes is shown ingame:

This mod depends on Pixelmon and JEI mods. The mod wont work without these 2 mods.

Logo by Delapouite on Game Icons under CC BY 3.0

Fix Conflicting Recipes In Minecraft

If you in Minecraft, want to check easy which recipe conflict with eachother. Then there is a very easy way to find these recipe conflicts.

Sometimes smelting recipes can conflict, other times it is crafting recipes. Trying to find these manually would take a long time. Lucky for us there is a easy way!

The mod CraftTweaker:, which anyways is used to make recipes. Have a command that search for these conflicts.

Here is how to do it:


Go ingame and use the command

/ct conflicts


Once the command have been used, the following will be shown in chat. Now wait.


Once it is done you should see the “Conflict testing completed”:


Now go to the modpack folder. And find the “logs” folder. It is located the same place where you find the “mods”, “config”, “script” folders:


Now open the crafttweaker.log config file, and scroll down. It will now mentions which recipes conflict eachother. And you can now easy find out which recipes you have to edit/fix/tweak manually.

Simple Screens Mod

Darkhax ( made a new mod for me. That makes it possible to add custom loading screens to your Minecraft modpacks! The mod is out now for 1.16, and will be for newer MC versions too.

Download link, and full mod description can be found here:

Thank you

Thank you very much for 2.3 million downloads of my Minecraft modpack “Farming Valley”, and 1.5 million downloads of “Pokehaan Craft 1” on CurseForge Launcher!

SublimeText ZenScript Highlighter Package Guide

This guide shows how to install packages in SublimeText, that can hightlight scripts for Minecraft modpack making. Like making scripts for recipes etc using CraftTweaker.

First download and install SublimeText at:

My friend “Darkosto” have made a video guide. But else below is a text guide too:

Text Guide:

Now open the program:

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Kehaan Modpacks Paintings – Resource Pack

This is a resource pack, that changes some of the vanilla paintings in Minecraft. I decided to make it a separate downloads, so others could use the paintings too, in vanilla minecraft and in other modpacks.

The paintings will change into being arts from my modpacks (And those i helped making). So the pack icon from Farming Valley, Pokehaan Craft and all my other modpacks will now be paintings.

This resource pack will also be added in some of my modpacks (And those i helped making) 🙂 This was made for the newest Minecraft modpack that i am working on. But decided to also add it to some of my previous ones, and also make it public.

KehaanPets – New Mod

“KehaanPets” is a new mod for 1.16.4 and 1.12.2. This mod adds a “pet” that you can have in your inventory. Right clicking it will spawn a random craftable item, and consume soul sand. There is a time limit on when you can use it which by default is every 10 minutes. You can change in the configs what the pet can eat, and how often it allows you to eat it.

The mod can be downloaded at: