How To Update A Modpack on CurseForge App

As i have got some messages, with questions on how to update my minecraft modpacks on Curseforge, like Pokehaan Craft, Farming Valley etc, i decided to make a small guide.

1: Go to the “My Modpacks” section on Curseforge app.

2: Hover the mouse over the modpack and click on the small “arrow” next to “Play”. This should update the pack automatic.

3: Else it will open this: Now click on the small arrow at the “Select Modpack Version”

4: You should now see all the different versions to the modpack. Now click on the newest one which is the top one, and click “Continue”.

5: The launcher will now begin downloading the newst version, once done you can click play.

How To Download And Install Farming Valley + Lite on CurseForge Launcher

In this video, i show you how to download and install “Farming Valley” and “Farming Valley – Lite”. I already have made one a while back, but that was when the pack was on the Twitch Launcher. Now that it is on CurseForge Launcher, i decided to make a new one. Hopefully it helps some of you

CurseForge Launcher download link: Java 64 bit: (Select “Windows Offline (64-bit)” if using Windows.

Farming Valley – 1.0.0 Changelog

This update removes the SimpleAchivement mod (The one that gives you the book with challenges) BUT it adds Checklist mod. Don’t worry, all your completed task, will transfer over automatic. Checklist mod just let me do a lot of other things, like adding new challenges to it, without the user having to use a command to see them. It also adds new music disc, with new music from Stardew Valley.

  • Added 5 new music disc with new music from Stardew Valley. These can be brought at Tomas in the Church
  • Changed the name of all the music disc, so they now tells you what is the name of the song they are playing.
  • Changed simpleachievement shop items to checklist shopitems, as Simpleachivement mod was removed.
  • You can now buy the Task Table (From Checklist mod) at Cloe in the Townhall
  • Added new checklist task (Optional ones to support follow me on socialmedia)

Added Checklist-1.10.2-1.0.2

Removed SimpleAchievements-MC1.9.4-1.2.2-28

Updated the “Kehaan Farming Valley Resourcepack”

Updated AppleSkin-mc1.10.2-1.0.14.jar

  • Food overlay now works for food in off hand (#65)
  • Clamp exhaustion to stop it from drawing outside the hunger bar in some situations (#66)

Farming Valley – Resource Pack

I decided to make a separate download of the Farming Valley – Resource Pack, that is used in both Farming Valley and Farming Valley Lite, that adds sounds/music etc to the pack, but also changes the music of vanilla music discs. This resource pack is in the packs by default. But thought i would make it a separate download too.


Farming Valley Changelog

Just a small update. This update makes it possible to buy the Sprinkler earlier, but for a much higher price.

  • You can normally buy the “Sprinkler” after year 1 at “Danieru”. However i thought it would be nice that if you had the money earlier, you could. So now you can buy the sprinkler from Mayor Jeimmi too, but for 150.000, instead of the default 10.000. You can still get it from Danieru after year 1, for the lower price. But if you want it earlier you can now get it earlier.

Farming Valley 0.9.9 released

“Meepstress” suggested that the pack will when pointing the mouse over a item, that would be sold in the shipment box. It would say that i can be sold. He even made a nice script for it 😀 However i decided to do it a little different then his script, so the pack will only mention it can be sold, and not for what price. I want the price to be discovered by the player. However a big thanks to Meepstress for the suggesting (

I also made it so you can buy the guide book, if you by a mistake gift/sells it to a NPC.

  • Yulif and Cloe now sells the achivement book and the guide on how to summon the goddess. So a easier way to get these books again if you by mistake sells them.
  • You can now sell even more stuff in the Shipping box.
  • When poinint your mouse over a item, that can be sold. The item description will mention that it can be sold in a shipment box.
    (May have forgot to add some items to the new description list, that can be sold)

Farming Valley 0.9.8 released

This update adds one new building mod. But also adds some new achievements, and fixes some old ones. This update also removes ToughAsNails, as the mod was only used for extra hearts as i removed hydration a while back. And as cyclic already have extra hearts, that was just disabled, and i enabled those and removed ToughAsNails.

Old worlds SHOULD work. But make a backup of your world just in case. You may need to use the command: /flushAchievements, to get the new achievement fixes.

  • Removed MOD: ToughAsNails
  • Added MOD: ArchitectureCraft-1.7.3-mc1.10.2
  • Yulif now sells ArchitectureCraft items.
  • Added a extra tool tip to the coins, to tell players where they can be brought at.
  • Removed some old configs that was not used anymore.
  • Changed the Heart Crystal trade, into Heart Containers from Cyclic, to Tiberus Trades.
  • Made the maximum number of hearts 40.
  • Removed some achievements that was not possible anymore.
  • Changed some ahievements text.
  • Added 3 new achievements.
  • Changed the value of mipmaplevels from 4 to 0.

Farming Valley 0.9.7 released

This update adds a lot of stuff to the Shipment Box, so you can now sell even more stuff.

  • You can now sell the following: Lemon, Plum, Date, Cherry, Walnut, Chestnut, Papaya, Blightberry, Maloberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Duskberry, Skyberry, Stingberry, Honey Comb, Decaying Wheat, Mouldy Wheat.

Farming Valley 0.9.5 released

The more peacefull update.

A new update is out to Farming Valley. I decided to remove thirst, as the “hunger” in Minecraft, is similar to the energy bar in Stardew Valley. I also removed BabyMobs, as they anyways rarely spawned. I Removed Waddles (The Penguins) BUT only because a new mod was added that have Penguins. I removed Bettertitlescreen as that mod was not really needed, so might as well get some faster loading time on the pack by removing it.

I added the mod Exotic Birds, which adds lots of new birds to the world. Which makes it feel much more alive. I also finally made it, so you can craft tracks from Railcraft.

Happy Farming.

  • You can now buy a multi colored collar for your dog, at Candice.
  • You can now buy a spotted collar for your dog, at Candice.
  • You can now buy a Whistle for your dog, at Candice.
  • You can now buy a Throw stick for your dog, at Candice.
  • Added a shapeless recipe to change a “droll throw stick” into a normal throw stick again.
  • Ashlee from the Poultry Farm, now sells new item/blocks used for the new mod that have been added (Exotic Birds)
  • Disabled Thirst
  • Removed water from being your initialinventory when creating a new world, as thirst have been disabled.
  • The Blacksmith now sells rails, so you can finally make Railcraft tracks.
  • Made some very small changes to the main menu.
  • Added Exotic Birds 1.10.2-1.4.2
  • Updated DoggyTalents-1.10.2-
    – Can use pick block button on dog with gives doggycharm
    – Fix dogs wandering when trying to follow owner
    – This update also removed the Command Emblem, but then added the Whistle, which is sold in the shop.
  • Removed BabyMobs-1.10.2-1.5.5
  • Removed BetterTitleScreen-1.10.2-1.2e
  • Removed Waddles-1.10.2-0.5.4 as ExoticBirds have penguins.

Farming Valley 0.9.4 released

Farming Valley 0.9.3 released

A new update is out to Farming Valley. This update removes the “LUL” you died sound, while adding some more Stardew Valley sounds to the game. Now there is a stardew valley sound when you wake up, and also when you level up, just like in the real game. There is also a new mod to play around with, and some new trades. I also made it so many of the music disc now plays Stardew Valley music.

If using a old world use the command
/flushAchievements to get the new achivements, that this update also added.

  • Yulif now sells a 1 million coin too, that is used for trading on servers.
  • Made some more items hidden in JEI as they was not being used. Dont worry, mods have not been removed, but many creative like items, and items that was in WIP and not working, i have hidden to make JEI cleaner.
  • The version numbering of the modpack color have now been changed from red to white, to be better able to see it.
  • Some Minecraft Music discs now plays Stardew Valley Music.
  • Tomas at the church now sells Minecraft music disc that plays Stardew Valley Music.
  • A chicken sound now plays when you wake up, just like in Stardew Valley.
  • Removed the “LOL you died” sound.
  • Added 7 new achievements. (Use /flushAchievements to get the new ones, if using a old world)
  • You can now buy the “PopularMMOS & SuperGirlyGamer” transportation at Johan.
  • InventoryPets shop have been moved from Candice at the Animal Ranch to Ashlee at the Poultry Farm.
  • Farm Blocks have been moved from Ashlee at the Poultry Farm to Jim at the Animal Ranch.
  • Candice now runs a small Animal Shelter, with dogs and sell some toys to them, from the DoggyTalents mod.

Added DoggyTalents-1.10.2-

Added Sound Events-1.10.2-1.0.2

  • A chicken sound now plays when you wake up, after sleeping in a bed. Just like in Stardew Valley.

Removed wolfarmor-

  • I dont think i have seen any use the armor from the wolfs. So i decided to remove the mod, and instead adding DoggyTalents that have more feeatures.

Removed additionalresources-1.9.4-
Removed audiodeath-1.9-

  • Removed Audiodeath as i felt like the “LOL you died” sound, when a player died was not fitting the Stardew Valley feeling.

Updated Coins-1.10.2-1.0.3