How To Add Shaders To Pokehaan Craft 2 (Guide)

This is a new video, as i had to remake it. As there was a issue with adding shaders, because of a update to the modpack. So i decided to make the video again.

This video shows you how to add “Shaders” to my Minecraft modpack “Pokehaan Craft 2” on CurseForge Launcher. This is completely optional to do, and i dont provide any support if there is any crashes/bugs when shaders are used. I have just got a lot of messages, of people having issues using Shaders after the “Performance update”, as Optifine have issues with the modpack. So i decided to make this guide, to hopefully help some of you.

If you need help installing the modpack, then there is also a guide for that here on my YouTube channel.

Also once again thank you very much for all the downloads of the modpack. I appreciate it a lot.