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“CurseForge” have been running a “Stardew Valley” contest, and “Dew More Farming” my new Stardew Valley modpack is a contestant in it! Please consider voting on one of the contestants that you want to win, and check out some of the amazing modpacks and mods on “CurseForge” for “Stardew Valley”.

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More info about the modpack:
Dew More Farming – New Stardew Valley Modpack (OUT NOW)

Description/CurseForge page for “Dew More Farming”:

Dew More Farming – New Stardew Valley Modpack (OUT NOW)

Dew More Farming” is a new Stardew Valley modpack, made by Kehaan (Creator of the Minecraft modpacks “Farming Valley” and “Pokehaan Craft” and many more) This modpack is a expanded version of the Stardew Valley modpack “Morning Dew”. This modpack add some mods that adds a lot of smaller improvements to the main game, but also many more mods that add some new content to the game. My plan is to add more content to the pack over time. If you have just want a modpack that is Vanilla+ like then check out “Morning Dew“. This pack is for people with stronger computers that want a pack like Morning Dew, but with more content in it.

Some of the features of this modpack:

– [AT] Kehaan Paintings, adds new variations to paintings from my Minecraft/Stardew Valley modpacks.
– Auto Forager, use “G” key to enable or disable. This auto forage for you, when walking near something that can be forage.
– Automate, for your automation of machines. Here you can place hoppers, furnaces and chest next to eachother. Which will give you automatic smelting and much more.
– Berry Season Reminder, see when there is berry season once you get Bear’s Knowledge
– Better Chests, which lets you customize your chests even more.
– Bigger Backpack, adds a 48 slots backpack upgrade for 100.000 gold!
– Chests Anywhere, open chests anywhere
– Daily Screenshot, takes a daily screenshot
– Fashion Sense with many addons.
– Fishing Trawler, fishing minigame on a Fishing Trawler, requires building a bridge and level 3 fishing to unlock.
– Integrated Minecarts
, adds many new minecarts.
– Lookup Anything, which gives you info about anything in the game (Use the Q key, and hover with your mouse over what you want more info about)
– Love Festival
– MissCoriel NPC Uníqe Courtshïp Response, adds new non-Generic dialogue for the Vanilla NPCs.
– Portraited Changing Skies, changes the background of a NPC, to what kind of weather/season it is.
– Quality Bait, adds recipes for Quality bait
-SH’s Domestic Animals, Wild Animals, Adoptable Animals
– Skill Rings, adds new special rings
– SkullCavernElevator,
 this mod adds a elevator to the skull cavern, that spawns every 5th level.
– To-Dew, mod that lets you have a ingame todo list (Use “R” key to open it)
– Tractor, You can buy a tractor, that makes farming a lot easier.
– UIInfoSuite2,
 This mod adds a lot of QoL improvements

And much much more


New Video Guide will be up soon, but for now you can use as just search “Dew More Farming” instead.

Morning Dew – 1.1.9 & 1.2.1 Changelog

New update to “Morning Dew” is out. This adds a new “[AT] Kehaan Paintings” mod, that adds new paintings ingame.

Description of the mod: “This mod is using the mod Alternative Textures, to add new textures to paintings in Stardew Valley. The paintings is paintings of the art from many of Kehaan’s modpacks from Minecraft and Stardew Valley. More paintings will be added over time. Right now there is paintings from “Morning Dew”, “Farming Valley”, “Amnesia”, “TrollCraft”, “CrundeeCraft”, “Fire In The Pipe”, “Pokehaan 1”, “Pokehaan 2”.
This mod is letting you change the texture of the following paintings:“‘1000 Years From Now'”, “‘1000 Years From Now'”, “‘Land Of Clay'”, “‘Clouds'”, “‘The Serpent'”, “‘Three Trees'”, “‘A Night On Eco-Hill'”, “‘Boat'”, “‘Burnt Offering'”, “‘Frozen Dreams'”, “‘Highway 89′”, “‘Kitemaster ’95′”, “‘Pathways'”, “‘Physics 101′”, “‘Primal Motion'”, “‘Red Eagle'”, “‘Spires'”, “‘Sun 44′”, “‘Sun 45′”, “‘The Muzzamaroo'”, “‘Tropical Fish 173′”, “‘Vanilla Villa'”, “‘VGA Paradise'”, “‘Vista'”, “‘Volcano’ Photo”, “Calico Falls”, “Foliage Print”, “Mounted Trout” “Pig Painting”, “Pig Painting”, “‘Solar Kingdom'”, “‘Portrait Of A Mermaid'”, “‘Jade Hills Extended'”, “‘Jade Hills'”, “‘Queen of the Gem Sea'”.

When placing one of these paintings there is a chance, it is using the textures from one of the paintings this mod adds. You can also buy a “Paint Bucket” from “Robin’s Store” which lets you left click on a painting, and you can then select the texture you want. You can also buy a “The Texture Catalogue“, and you can see a full overview of the furniture that can be changed.”

Full Changelog:

Added Alternative Textures

Added [AT] Kehaan Paintings

Updated Automate

Updated Content Patcher

Updated Lookup Anything

Updated Tractor Mod


1.2.1 Changelog:

Added Berry Season Reminder

  • It is enabled by default, and does not require anything to unlock it.

Removed Better Chest, as it was not working.

Morning Dew – Stardew Valley Modpack (How To Install/Download)

This video shows how to download and install my Stardew Valley modpack “Morning Dew”. This guide can also be used, if you want to download and play other modpacks on the launcher. Morning Dew, is my new public Stardew Valley modpack. Morning Dew, is out only on CurseForge launcher, and is my first public modpack. I have made a lot of different private ones, but never released any. However a now that CurseForge makes it possible to release modpacks for Stardew Valley too, i made a new modpack. Stardew Valley was the game, that gave me the inspiration to make my Minecraft modpack “Farming Valley”. This modpack is a Vanilla Plus, like modpack for Stardew Valley. Which adds a lot of quality of life improvements (Chest customization, Automation, info mods etc) to the game, but also some new content (Tractor, bigger backpack, and more) I hope you want to try out the modpack, if you play Stardew Valley. I have plans on making some bigger public Stardew Valley modpacks too. But dont worry, i am also working on a few other modpacks for Minecraft. I hope to share more about one of them soon.

Link to download the launcher:

CurseForge page of the Modpack:

Morning Dew – 1.1.1 Changelog

“Morning Dew” updated to version 1.1.1. It is also now using newest Stardew Valley version 1.6.5.

Updated Better Chests

  • Added lock indicator to backpack inventory menu.
  • Added experimental support for resizing the backpack as a storage.
  • Hotfix for search bar losing focus.
  • Adjusted the Access Chest overlay so that the dropdown does not go over the arrows.
  • When doing a reverse transfer, allow any items to go into the backpack.
  • Improved the the precision of logging storage activity and their location.
  • Fixed backpack config button showing up in other game menus.
  • Fixed backpack items not being placeable in any slot.
  • Backpack Storage options will not inherit from the global storage options.
  • Temporarily hiding backpack config behind the console command bc_player_config until it is fully implemented.
  • Search bar is not selected by default when opening chests.
  • Prevent suppressing modifier keys while the search bar is selected.


Updated Lookup Anything

  • Some fields now collapse by default when they have too much content. You can click a link to show the full list. This affects:
    • in item lookups, the recipes field with more than 10 recipes;
    • in NPC lookups, gift taste fields with more than 30 items.
  • Added integration with Custom Bushes (thanks to LeFauxMatt!).
  • In tree lookups, the growth chance is now rounded to avoid strange values like 15.000001% (thanks to b3nk3lly!).
  • Fixed no translation:trees.stages.4 message in some tree lookups.
  • Improved translations. Thanks to iglnierod (updated Spanish)!


Updated SpaceCore