Amnesia – 1.2.0 Changelog

Small update to “Amnesia”. This update, updates many of the mods in the pack. But also adds the task book with social media links. It changes the advancement book texture, and also adds the “KehaanPets” mod.

Added Checklist-1.12.2-1.2.2

Added KehaanPets-1.12.2-1.1.2

Added AdvancementBookAmnesia_RP_1.12.2_v1.0.0

Updated Controlling-

Updated tombstone-4.6.2-1.12.2

Updated CraftTweaker2-1.12-

Updated EnderIO-1.12.2-5.3.72

Updated EnderCore-1.12.2-0.5.78

Updated foamfix-0.10.15-1.12.2

Updated RecurrentComplex-

Amnesia 1.1.9 Changelog

Updated CraftTweaker2-1.12-

  • Bug fixes

Updated KehaanModpackPaintingsRP_1.12.2_v1.0.1

  • Added 1 new painting 🙂

Updated tombstone-4.6.0-1.12.2

– allows to enchant arrows with Book of Magic Impregnation
– allows to use Pray of Protection on golems
– improves auto-equip with baubles & soulbound (#71)
– backup logs are less visible (config)
– compat Potion Descriptions (#104, provides effect descriptions)
– displays effect descriptions in magic scrolls if they’re available
– improves display of ‘knowledge of death’ level up
– reduces lollipop duration
– compatibility with newer versions of Fluidlogged API (issue 123)
– fixes a scroll description translation (issue 125)
– increases slightly particle size to ‘show the grave from a distance’
– fixes Enchanted Tablet of Assistance (#106, reverse teleportation)
– reduces the chance to get a buff or a familiar when praying on graves
– fix command tbRequestTeleport permission (#105)
– reduces the casting time with magic items to 4 seconds (it’s still 5 seconds for Ankh)
– knowledge of death level up are displayed on screen
– tweaks enchantments (more scalable with others mods changing level limit)
– removes configs for enchantment max level (default is 10, except soulbound)
– if soulbound max level is defined (by another mod) above 1, soulbound items lose one level of enchantment on each death
– additional advancements
– familiar receptacle ticks to recover life every 30 sec
– fix event phantom spawn timer (event wasn’t “post”)

Updated RecurrentComplex-
* Pillar transformers now work again!  
* Child structures spawned from script blocks rotate properly again! (thanks @ Fire-Ball-20001 and @ digby)
* Multi Inventory generation tags now work when max=min!
* Pillar transformers now support upwards pillars (for hanging structures)!
* /#structures tweak UI searches are now case insensitive (thanks @ CREEATION)
* Armor stands in UndergroundCultChamber generate correctly again (thanks @ naqaden)

Amnesia 1.1.8 Changelog

Just a small update, that updates some of the mods in the pack. And fixes some bugs.

Updated BiblioCraft[v2.4.6][MC1.12.2]

Updated CraftTweaker2-1.12-

Updated tombstone-4.5.6-1.12.2

Amnesia 1.1.6 Changelog

Updated Forge to

  • Fixing a security vulnerability in Minecraft.

Updated CraftTweaker2-1.12-

  • Bug fixes

Updated BiomesOPlenty-1.12.2-

  • Bug fixes

Updated tombstone-4.5.1-1.12.2

– display passive bonus in the gui Knowledge of Death
– rarely, a stronger soul may happen on decorative graves
– ancient fishing rod, tablet of assistance & tablet of cupidity (& display bonus on the fishing rod)
– increase drop rate for essence of undeath (as there’re less way to obtain them in 1.12.2)
– aquatic life increases the break speed underwater
– zombify for bad alignment player
– improve client events
– the recipe for voodoo poppet protection still required the perk
– the trigger for the “advancement to cancel ghostly shape” was called client side on enemy collision (if the related config to nerf Ghostly Shape was active)
– the cooldown of 10 seconds to nerf Shadow Step when opening a chest wasn’t applied
– config perkProgressionScale to define how you can upgrade a perk to higher level based on your current level in Knowledge of Death (default is a step of 2, old way is 1)
-> some perks got their cost reduced with this change, or their max level
– adapt perk Voodoo Poppet to be a bonus on the chance to trigger
– commands can always be used in singleplayer (integrated server)
– config pvp_unlock_grave (to allow the grave to be unlocked when a player is killed by another player) & remove config player_grave_access
– config nerfGhostlyShape is splitted in 4 configs (all defaulted to true)
– new perk Concentration and chance to interrupt while casting
– remove perk ‘tomb_raider’ (and related configs)
– config to disable shadow step for 10 seconds when opening chests
– cache discretion modifiers
– additional details in integration TOP/Waila
– add some missing scrolls
– adapt cooldown display
– new bad effect ‘bait’

Amnesia – 1.1.4 Changelog

Updated tombstone-1.12.2-4.4.7

– fix the experience not being restored (since 4.4.6)
– fix crash on attack with Shadow Walker (since 4.4.4)
– default config values are set for a balanced game
– essence of undeath as ingredient to build decorative graves
– improves item interaction
– undead boss drops require the player to be the killer (even with config) and minimal boss life to 200
– translation for custom statistics
– compat erebus (death)
– fix grave dust as reward in advancements
– new variant of lost tablet for exploration (being the common type and only leading to a distant biome)
– new perk Shadow Walker (discretion)
– improved visibility in lava with Ghostly Shape & True Sight
– additional configs for enchantments
– tweak Shadow Step to depend more on darkness
– limit the duration of Bone Shield to 10sec
– random instant bad effect only last 1 tick
– tablet of cupidity only apply a “non instant” bad effect
– check for null entity with armor enchantments
– fix allowed slots for enchantment with anvil

Updated CraftTweaker2-1.12-
– Bug fixes

  • Fixing some text in the main menu.
  • Amnesia – 1.1.3 Changelog

    A update, that updates the mods in the pack that had new updates. Also add the Checklist mod. This just adds a book, with link to my socialmedia ingame 🙂

    Updated inventorypets-1.12-2.0.15

    • Fixed issue with Living Anvil Pet and Living Bed causing crash when spawned near Ice and Fire mobs (credit: Reginald-Halifrax)
    • The Nether Portal Pet now remembers the exact location you teleport to and from, ensuring you will return to the same spot.
    • Chicken Pet speed can now be modified via the config
    • olf Pet Alarm no longer crashes when you have other tamed wolves nearby (credit: Coraline77447)
    • Silverfish Pet now works reliably (credit: wiarrri)
    • Portal Pet no longer occasionally teleports you to the Nether roof (credit: Adm1n04)
    • Removed broken tag error on startup (credit: WenXin20)
    • Fixed issue where Illuminati Pet altered recipe results after spawning the item, reducing recipe output stacks to 1 regardless of original recipe (credit: Galvan2003)
    • Fixed issue with Grave Pet not restoring Baubles (credit: Clyax113)
    • Dubstep no longer affects ‘Tamed’ creatures (credit: butterflygirl30)
    • Pixie Pet once again providing double XP (credit: antebell)
    • Furnace Pet no longer smelts Tools (credit: PCRGaming)
    • Cloud Pet lightning no longer removes unbreakable blocks (credit: TheDeadEnder)

    Updated itlt-1.12.x-1.0.4

    • – Backport 1.0.4 to MC 1.12
    • – Fix and upgrade dev toolchain
    • – Add support for MC 1.12.1 and 1.12.0

    Updated tombstone-4.4.3-1.12.2

    • Lots of bug fixes

    Updated aether-1.12.2-v1.5.3.2

    • Added config options for disabling dimension music, menu music, and toggling music discs being paused by dimension music.
    • Changed Pink Aercloud texture.
    • Made the top of the Holystone texture no longer rotate.
    • Added missing things to the creative menu.
    • Ambrosium no longer can enchant all blocks.
    • Aether flower bounding boxes now offset properly.
    • Aechor Plants no longer disappear when hit with a Gravitite Sword.
    • Cockatrices no longer target the player in creative mode.
    • Moved glove positioning down very slightly.

    Updated foamfix-0.10.14-1.12.2

    • Added minor network optimization.
    • Added config option to change deflater compression strength.
    • Fixed model bug with client.smallModelConditions.
    • Improved the performance of the model data deduplication step.
    • Startup crash hotfix. So much for a “last hurrah” release, heh.
    • Slightly improved the memory usage of smallPropertyValue-created BlockStates.
    • Incorporated minor memory usage optimization ideas from malte0811’s FerriteCore (with permission) – these have a much bigger impact on 1.14+, but they also won’t hurt in 1.12.2.
    • Fixed a memory leak issue with Railcraft tanks (#271).
    • Minor code improvements; they may help fix some issues, but no promises.

    Updated MTLib-3.0.7

    • Fix log helper issues. 

    Updated RebornCore-1.12.2-3.19.5-universal

    • This update contains an important security, it is highly recommended that all users update.

    Updated EnderIO-1.12.2-5.3.70

    • More fixes, see 67 for changelog
    • Hotfix for Inventory Charger crash and Alloy Smelter Recipes not working, see previous release for changes

    Updated CraftTweaker2-1.12-

    • Lots of bug fixes

    How To Update A Modpack on CurseForge App

    As i have got some messages, with questions on how to update my minecraft modpacks on Curseforge, like Pokehaan Craft, Farming Valley etc, i decided to make a small guide.

    1: Go to the “My Modpacks” section on Curseforge app.

    2: Hover the mouse over the modpack and click on the small “arrow” next to “Play”. This should update the pack automatic.

    3: Else it will open this: Now click on the small arrow at the “Select Modpack Version”

    4: You should now see all the different versions to the modpack. Now click on the newest one which is the top one, and click “Continue”.

    5: The launcher will now begin downloading the newst version, once done you can click play.

    Amnesia – 1.1.2 Changelog

    • Removed Minoshroom randomness drop, as it could cause massive lag in mob farms.

    Updated Forge-

    • Bug fixes

    Updated aether-1.12.2-v1.5.3.1

    – Mob spawnrates have been nerfed and also been made adjustable in the Aether config for modpack developers and any players who have issues with the spawnrates.
    – Fixed some bugs with main menu text displaying weirdly with unicode fonts.
    – Added Language button to the Aether Main Menu.
    – Made all texts in the Aether translatable, assuming none were missed.
    – Added partial Swedish language support.
    – Added partial Polish language support.
    – Updated translation credits.
    – Tweaked mob spawnrates.
    – Tweaked ore spawnrates
    – Reworked Swet AI entirely.
    – The Sun Spirit boss fight is a bit easier, with him now using multiple hitboxes similar to the Ender Dragon to make him easier to hit. Ice Crystals he spawns in the fight also no longer move vertically, so they’ll always move horizontally when being hit towards him.
    – Phoenix Armor now degrades slower when in water or rain, to make that downside less punishing.
    – Inebriation no longer damages armor.
    – Inebriation code is now more solid and should no longer crash.
    – The Accessory Menu can now be opened by default with “I”, this can be adjusted in Minecraft’s Controls settings. This offers a secondary way of accessing the menu in case another mod’s custom survival inventory prevents the Accessory Button from appearing.
    – Added Reskillable compatibility to the Accessory Menu; if an item is added that the player does not have the requirements to use, it’ll be kicked out of its accessory slot.
    – Accessories now have play equip sounds when equipped.
    – Accessories now update properly during login.
    – Fixed issues with the Accessory button’s offset relative to the Recipe Book sidebar.
    – Fixed an issue with the Player’s health frequently duplicating from certain events after using Life Shards with other mods.
    – Tweaked Aether Portal Frame item texture to be more accurate.
    – Added better fluid handling for activating the Aether Portal, which should fix incompatibilities with modded buckets.
    – Lowered cloud height to -5.
    – Added config seasonal_christmas which makes Holiday Trees automatically generate during December and January. This is on by default, unlike christmas_time which generates them no matter what and is off by default.
    – The OreDictionary entry “canHarvestAetherAmber” allows items to harvest Golden Amber from Golden Oak Trees. In the next Aether II update, certain Aether II tools will have this added to them, allowing them to harvest Aether I Golden Amber, however this is not yet implemented.
    – Tinker’s Construct pickaxes now work properly on Sliders.
    – Wearing an enchanted Elytra no longer makes the Crafting Guide button render as enchanted.
    – Adjusted Aerbunny position during Elytra gliding.
    – Fixed an issue with Parachute renders not following Elytra.
    – Probably fixed a crash issue with the Aether’s containers.
    – All Aether Portal sounds are now properly editable by Resource Packs.
    – Floating Blocks now properly drop as an item when reaching the world height limit.
    – Arrows now despawn after awhile when bouncing on Blue Aerclouds; before, they didn’t ever despawn.
    – Quicksoil Glass no longer makes blocks render darker below it when against the ground.
    – Backslashes are no longer used in the file paths of the generated Old Aether Textures resource pack, fixing an issue with it not generating on Mac.
    – Added a new config in config/aether_dimensions which allows for registering new biomes to the Aether dimension. This is primarily intended for modpack developers, there are details on how to use it that are commented inside the folder’s generated config file.
    – Right clicking the Cloud Staff while Cloud Minions are spawned can be used to despawn them if wanted. However, it should be noted that doing this and respawning them a lot will degrade the Cloud Staff’s durability quickly.
    – Reduced spawning requirements for the Valkyrie Queen, this might fix the issue where they sometimes don’t spawn in the Silver Dungeon.

    Updated Patchouli-1.0-23.6

    * Backport: Subcategories are now listed on the right side when there are no pages in the current category
    * Backport: Fix >4 subcategories overlapping on the left side
    * Force sending some advancements that Triumph prevents from being synced

    Updated itlt-1.12.2-1.0.3

    • Upgraded from ForgeGradle 2.3 to ForgeGradle 3.x
    • Updated Forge base and mappings
    • Backported 1.0.3 from 1.14.4 which in itself is a backport of 1.0.3 from 1.15.2 which is a backport of 1.0.3 from 1.16.x. So many backports!

    Updated inventorypets-1.12-2.0.12

    • Fixed Illuminati Pet timer (once again), so that it works properly across dimensions or when changing world time (credit: JT122506)
    • Petrifier now works on Mooshroom (credit: skwii69)
    • Reduced overall damage boost from Cloud Pet 
    • Fixed bug where certain sounds like Dubstep and PacMan were heard server wide (credit: Futi63)
    • Fixed issue where Cloud Pet was causing flight to disable when held in regular inventory (credit: JT122506) 
    • Fixed update prompt to alert correct text with with correct version
    • Fixed conflict with Ice and Fire’s Wyrmroost Butterfly Leviathan and Cloud pet lightning (credit: Jacboy567)

    Updated foamfix-0.10.11-1.12.2

    • Fixed multiple “ghost chunkloading” bugs across the 1.12.2 codebase, particularly involving Biomes o’ Plenty grass, but also vanilla farmland and modded fluids.
    • Minor code cleanup.

    Updated EnderIO-1.12.2-5.2.66

    • Fixed config value being lazy-loaded, which runs into an error when joining a server

    Updated CraftTweaker2-1.12-

    Updated tombstone-4.1.2-1.12.2

    – texture compression (by Darkhax)
    – fix the perk mastery of tablets (should work better to keep the “use left”)
    – fix the order of player saves (.latest) for the command recovery
    – anvil recipes for white decorative graves in JEI
    – new item Grave Plate being the new way to engrave the tombs with anvil (decorative graves are no more engravable in anvil)
    – config to allow to switch grave plate already set on decorative graves
    – only skulls can be used to create decorative graves
    – flatten the curve of knowledge level (the new points wil be directly available)
    – always prevent to disenchant Tetra modular items
    – good alignment players can pray on villager (and minecolonies citizens) to protect them from a future death
    – client config to hide the shield particles on protected villagers
    – config to set the points earned by protecting a villager
    – sub command for tbknowledge to reset the ankh cooldown
    – config to limit to use magic siphon on players
    – better chinese translations (courtesy of Aikini)
    – compat with Better Portals (teleportation)
    – help in compatibility with others mods to not break graves
    – client config to let players choose if they want a grave on death
    – client config to allow to activate graves by sneaking
    – adapt the spawn placement logic
    – client config to define grave spawn logic (nearest/safer/normal, default: normal)
    – config to keep effects on return end conquered (default: true)
    – dying in the End at a not ideal place will set the grave at the dragon spawn
    – grave plate infos in compendium