Pokehaan Craft 1 / Pokehaan Craft 1 Lite – Version 1.2.0

New update to “Pokehaan Craft 1” and “Pokehaan Craft 1 – Lite”. This update adds a new socialmedia quest book tot he pack. I have no plans on adding real quest to the pack, as the successor “Pokehaan Craft 2” is out, that have a full quest book. I from now on, with Pokehaan Craft 1 only plan on bug fix updates, as my main focus is “Pokehaan Craft 2” and other new modpack projects.

  • Updated Checklist-1.12.2-1.3.0
  • Updated KehaanPets-1.12.2-1.1.2
  • Added InitialInventory-3.0.0
  • Added KehaanAdvancements-Pokehaan-1.12.2-1.0.3
  • Added HQM-1.12-5.4.0-hotfix1
  • Added HQMPokehaan1_RP_1.12.2_v1.0.0.zip (ResourcePack)
  • Added some new tasks

New “PokeballReveal” mod out NOW

This mods adds Pixelmon’s pokeballs to JEI to allow for looking up recipes. Normally the recipes is not shown in JEI, at all times. But this mod enables from the beginning to check the recipes of each ball as soon as you load up the game. This also works if it is the first time you login on a server, that uses this mod.

The mod is for Minecraft 1.16.5

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://legacy.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/pokeballreveal

Here is a screenshot of how the recipes is shown ingame:

This mod depends on Pixelmon and JEI mods. The mod wont work without these 2 mods.

Logo by Delapouite on Game Icons under CC BY 3.0

Checklist – Pokehaan Theme (Resource Pack)

This is a resource pack / texture pack that changes the texture of the “Checkist” book in the mod “Checklist“. Checklist is a mod that makes it so modpack makers, can setup a book. That have task, that the player can check off to complete. Original the book in that mod is orange.

This pack changes it so the book is themed around Pokemon. It was made for the modpack “Pokehaan Craft 1” and “Pokehaan Craft 2”, that uses the Pixelmon mod. But anyone can use this resource pack, as long as they use the Checklist mod.

In this pack the book changes to being in red, and having a Pokeball logo on it.

Screenshot of how it looks ingame:

This resource pack is out now.

Download link: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/checklist-pokehaan-theme

Pokehaan Craft 1.0.25 – Lite – Changelog

Updated KehaanModpackPaintingsRP_1.12.2_v1.0.1

  • Added 1 new painting 

Updated CraftTweaker2-1.12-

  • Bug fixes

Updated Pixelmon-1.12.2-8.4.3-universal

Pokehaan Craft 1.1.24 / Pokehaan Craft Lite 1.1.21 Changelog

Just a smaller update to the pack, updating some of the mods 🙂

I am currently doing a lot of work on “Pokehaan Craft 2”, which is another pack i am working on besides the one i am teasing 🙂 Sooooo 2 new packs is currently in active development.

Buuuut i am also working on others…

Soul Sand = Life

Updated CraftTweaker2-1.12- (The only mod updated in Lite)

Updated furniture-6.3.2-1.12.2

Updated modtweaker-

Updated Treasure2-mc1.12.2-f14.23.5.2859-v2.1.0