Minecraft Tip: Teleport To Another Dimension Command

Wondering how to teleport to another dimension (overworld, end, the nether or modded dimension) using a command? You can use the following command:

/execute in [dimension] run tp ~ ~ ~

If you use “tab” when writing where the dimension should be, you can select which dimensions there is to teleport to:

In the example here i teleport to the end:

Example of some commands:

/execute in minecraft:the_end run tp ~ ~ ~
/execute in minecraft:the_nether run tp ~ ~ ~
/execute in minecraft:overworld run tp ~ ~ ~

Fix Conflicting Recipes In Minecraft

If you in Minecraft, want to check easy which recipe conflict with eachother. Then there is a very easy way to find these recipe conflicts.

Sometimes smelting recipes can conflict, other times it is crafting recipes. Trying to find these manually would take a long time. Lucky for us there is a easy way!

The mod CraftTweaker:

https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/crafttweaker, which anyways is used to make recipes. Have a command that search for these conflicts.

Here is how to do it:


Go ingame and use the command

/ct conflicts


Once the command have been used, the following will be shown in chat. Now wait.


Once it is done you should see the “Conflict testing completed”:


Now go to the modpack folder. And find the “logs” folder. It is located the same place where you find the “mods”, “config”, “script” folders:


Now open the crafttweaker.log config file, and scroll down. It will now mentions which recipes conflict eachother. And you can now easy find out which recipes you have to edit/fix/tweak manually.

Search Whole Project In Sublime Text.

In this small guide, i will show you how to search within a entire project in Sublime Text. This function/feature allows you to look for a text in the whole project. Which makes it a lot easier to find what you are looking for.

First open the whole project in Sublime Text (Open folder).

(You can click on the pictures, if you want to see them in a bigger window)

Hopefully this small tip/tricks guide to SublimeText helped you. I use it a lot in my Minecraft modpack making, as it can be rather hectic with a lot of text files.

Which Java Version For Minecraft?

If you want to use above 1.5 gb ram in Minecraft. You have to make sure you have 64 bit version of Java. If you cant go above 1.5gb ram, it means you are most likely using 32bit version of java. To use 64 bit java, you need to have a 64 bit version of your OS installed (Windows)

Atleast 4gb ram is recommended for Minecraft modpacks. Some packs require a lot more.

First lets remove the one you currently have installed.

1: Go to Apps and Functions in Windows, and find Java.

Click on “Remove” and follow the instructions to remove it.

2: Now restart your computer.

3: Now go to: https://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp

4: You should now see the following:

Select “Windows Offline (64-bit) and download it.

5: Now double click the downloaded file, and follow the instructions to install java.

6: Restart your computer.

You should now have 64 bit java installed.

You can double check this by going to the start menu/click on windows key on your keyboard.

Write cmd, and open the commandprompt.

Now write the following: java -version

And hit enter, it should now tell you if you have 64 bit installed.

You should now be able to go above 1.5 gb ram in Minecraft.


You can also just go back to Apps And Functions (The place where you removed Java at), and the name will be 64-bit or 32-bit.

SublimeText ZenScript Highlighter Package Guide

This guide shows how to install packages in SublimeText, that can hightlight scripts for Minecraft modpack making. Like making scripts for recipes etc using CraftTweaker.

First download and install SublimeText at:


My friend “Darkosto” have made a video guide. But else below is a text guide too:

Text Guide:

Now open the program:

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How To Use The Locatebiome Command

Having trouble finding a biome in your Minecraft world? Then a new command was added in Minecraft 1.16, to help find a biome in your Minecraft seed.

This command will show you the cordinates to the biome you want to find.

The command is: /locatebiome

First write the command and press space.

Now you can see a list of the biomes. You can now select the biome you want using the arrow keys.

Once you have the biome you want selected, click on the “tab” key on your keyboard. And then hit enter.

It will now show the cordinates to the nearest place, where the biome can be found.

How To Setup A Whitelist On A Minecraft Server

In this guide, i will show you how to setup a whitelist on a Minecraft server. A whitelist, is a list of Minecraft usernames that is allowed to access your server. Any user that is not on this list, can’t login even if they have the IP to join the server.

Using a whitelist is always recommended when setting up a private server, where you only want your friends, and the poeple you want to join, to also be able to join. And not get any griefers or anyone you don’t know to access the server.

You can use these commands in the console of the server. But i will do it ingame.

First, make sure you are “opped” on the server, if you login. If you do this in the console on the server then you don’t need to op you first.

Login to your server.

Now do the following:

First i recommend adding the players you want on. For that your need their Minecraft usernames.


Use the command:

/whitelist add <username>

In the example i do /whitelist add kehaan

Now keep adding the players you want to be able to access the server.

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How To Update A Modpack on CurseForge App

As i have got some messages, with questions on how to update my minecraft modpacks on Curseforge, like Pokehaan Craft, Farming Valley etc, i decided to make a small guide.

1: Go to the “My Modpacks” section on Curseforge app.

2: Hover the mouse over the modpack and click on the small “arrow” next to “Play”. This should update the pack automatic.

3: Else it will open this: Now click on the small arrow at the “Select Modpack Version”

4: You should now see all the different versions to the modpack. Now click on the newest one which is the top one, and click “Continue”.

5: The launcher will now begin downloading the newst version, once done you can click play.

Change season length in Farming Valley / Farming Valley Lite

This guide will show you how to change the season lenght on servers, but also on singleplayer.

By default:

1 Season = 30 days in singleplayer

1 Season = 365 days in Multiplayer (as days passes while no one is on the server)

However if you want to change this on a singleplayer/server, you can do the following.

(If on server, skip to step 2)

1: Open the Twitch launcher. Right click on the pack under “mods” and “My modpacks”. Then click “Open folder”.

2: Open the “config” folder.

3: Find the file called “harvestfestival.cfg” and open it. I use Sublime Text to edit config files, but you can also use Notepad++ or even just notepad.

4a: If ýou want to change server, find the line:

I:"Dedicated Server > Days per season"=365

And change 365 to whatever number you want. Then save the file, upload the file to the server, if not already done so, and start it. You need to have the server turned off, before doing this.

4b: If you want to change it in singleplayer, find the line:

I:"Integrated Server > Days per season"=30

Make sure the game/pack is closed before editing it. Now change the number 30, to what you want, and save the file. Then start the pack, and it should have changed.

How To Use The Locate Command

In MineCraft 1.11, a new “locate” command was added. This command shows the coordinates of the closest EndCity, Fortress, Mansion, Mineshaft, Monument, Stronghold, Temple and village or other special buildings/structures in newer versions of Minecraft.

All you have to do is use the following command:

/locate (AND Then use TAB)

You can then use “tab” and it shows the different arguments you can use. Or you can just write the argument. Like

/locate EndCity

Which will show the nearest EndCity

In newer versions there is also a Buried_Treasure, EndCity, Fortress, Mansion, Mineshaft, Monument, Ocean_Ruin, Shipwreck, Stronghold, Desert_Pyramid, Igloo, Jungle_Pyramid, Swamp_Hut, Village and Pillager_Out

So best advice would be to write /locate TAB, and then use the tab button, to see which kind of arguments you can use in the version of Minecraft that you plays.

Disable Daylight Cycle

Want to disable the daylight cycle, so the time will stay the same? Then do the following command:

/gamerule doDaylightCycle false

If you want to make the time move again, change false to true 🙂

So if you want the time to be at x time. First use the time set command, to set the time. And then do above gamerule.