Checklist [Mod]

Checklist is a new mod, that i had help from LCLC98 with making for a modpack project. In previous modpacks i used “Simple Achievements”. However this mod, did not have a 1.12.2 version. Which is the reason why “Checklist” is made.

Mod description:

“Checklist is made for modpacks. It adds an easy way for players to check off tasks as they go along. It doesn’t add any automatic checking for task completion and requires the player to manually check tasks off.

Right click the book, or right click the task table (that has a book) to open the task GUI.

Right click to add the book the table, shift+right click to pickup the book.

This mod took inspiration from Simple Achievements

The mod got a config file, that is very easy to use. #TEXT, makes a title in the book. And if you want to make a task, all you have to do is write the text, and hit enter in the config file.

The mod can be found at: