Amnesia – 1.1.4 Changelog

Updated tombstone-1.12.2-4.4.7

– fix the experience not being restored (since 4.4.6)
– fix crash on attack with Shadow Walker (since 4.4.4)
– default config values are set for a balanced game
– essence of undeath as ingredient to build decorative graves
– improves item interaction
– undead boss drops require the player to be the killer (even with config) and minimal boss life to 200
– translation for custom statistics
– compat erebus (death)
– fix grave dust as reward in advancements
– new variant of lost tablet for exploration (being the common type and only leading to a distant biome)
– new perk Shadow Walker (discretion)
– improved visibility in lava with Ghostly Shape & True Sight
– additional configs for enchantments
– tweak Shadow Step to depend more on darkness
– limit the duration of Bone Shield to 10sec
– random instant bad effect only last 1 tick
– tablet of cupidity only apply a “non instant” bad effect
– check for null entity with armor enchantments
– fix allowed slots for enchantment with anvil

Updated CraftTweaker2-1.12-
– Bug fixes

  • Fixing some text in the main menu.