Amnesia 1.1.6 Changelog

Updated Forge to

  • Fixing a security vulnerability in Minecraft.

Updated CraftTweaker2-1.12-

  • Bug fixes

Updated BiomesOPlenty-1.12.2-

  • Bug fixes

Updated tombstone-4.5.1-1.12.2

– display passive bonus in the gui Knowledge of Death
– rarely, a stronger soul may happen on decorative graves
– ancient fishing rod, tablet of assistance & tablet of cupidity (& display bonus on the fishing rod)
– increase drop rate for essence of undeath (as there’re less way to obtain them in 1.12.2)
– aquatic life increases the break speed underwater
– zombify for bad alignment player
– improve client events
– the recipe for voodoo poppet protection still required the perk
– the trigger for the “advancement to cancel ghostly shape” was called client side on enemy collision (if the related config to nerf Ghostly Shape was active)
– the cooldown of 10 seconds to nerf Shadow Step when opening a chest wasn’t applied
– config perkProgressionScale to define how you can upgrade a perk to higher level based on your current level in Knowledge of Death (default is a step of 2, old way is 1)
-> some perks got their cost reduced with this change, or their max level
– adapt perk Voodoo Poppet to be a bonus on the chance to trigger
– commands can always be used in singleplayer (integrated server)
– config pvp_unlock_grave (to allow the grave to be unlocked when a player is killed by another player) & remove config player_grave_access
– config nerfGhostlyShape is splitted in 4 configs (all defaulted to true)
– new perk Concentration and chance to interrupt while casting
– remove perk ‘tomb_raider’ (and related configs)
– config to disable shadow step for 10 seconds when opening chests
– cache discretion modifiers
– additional details in integration TOP/Waila
– add some missing scrolls
– adapt cooldown display
– new bad effect ‘bait’