Amnesia 1.1.9 Changelog

Updated CraftTweaker2-1.12-

  • Bug fixes

Updated KehaanModpackPaintingsRP_1.12.2_v1.0.1

  • Added 1 new painting ūüôā

Updated tombstone-4.6.0-1.12.2

– allows to enchant arrows with Book of Magic Impregnation
– allows to use Pray of Protection on golems
– improves auto-equip with baubles & soulbound (#71)
– backup logs are less visible (config)
–¬†compat Potion Descriptions (#104, provides effect descriptions)
–¬†displays effect descriptions in magic scrolls if they’re available
– improves display of ‘knowledge of death’ level up
– reduces lollipop duration
– compatibility with newer versions of Fluidlogged API (issue 123)
– fixes a scroll description translation (issue 125)
– increases slightly particle size to ‘show the grave from a distance’
–¬†fixes Enchanted Tablet of Assistance (#106, reverse teleportation)
– reduces the chance to get a buff or a familiar when praying on graves
– fix command tbRequestTeleport permission (#105)
– reduces the casting time with magic items to 4 seconds (it’s still 5 seconds for Ankh)
–¬†knowledge of death level up are displayed on screen
– tweaks enchantments (more scalable with others mods changing level limit)
– removes configs for enchantment max level (default is 10, except soulbound)
– if soulbound max level is defined (by another mod) above 1, soulbound items lose one level of enchantment on each death
– additional advancements
– familiar receptacle ticks to recover life every 30 sec
– fix event phantom spawn timer (event wasn’t “post”)

Updated RecurrentComplex-
* Pillar transformers now work again!  
* Child structures spawned from script blocks rotate properly again! (thanks @ Fire-Ball-20001 and @ digby)
* Multi Inventory generation tags now work when max=min!
* Pillar transformers now support upwards pillars (for hanging structures)!
* /#structures tweak UI searches are now case insensitive (thanks @ CREEATION)
* Armor stands in UndergroundCultChamber generate correctly again (thanks @ naqaden)