Pokehaan Craft 2 – 1.7.0 & 1.7.1 & 1.7.2 Changelog

The new update for April to “Pokehaan Cract 2” is out not. A lot of performance increases, have been made in this update. In my test the pack now loads around 40seconds faster than with the 1.6.0 update. There is also multiple other performance tweaks.

This update however also adds some new content to the pack. With newest update to Pixelmon, there is now 2 new Gyms, and some new Pokemons to catch, with a lot of other changes too.
I also added a new custom mod, that adds Quartz and Ancient Debris ores to the overworld and End dimension. Other changes have also been done to the modpack, like adding one new quest, to check out my new “Stardew Valley” modpack “Morning Dew” (More about this pack soon, in a new blog post), and more.

Full changelog can be found here:

Added OreDimensionConfiguration-1.16.5-1.0.1

Added modernfix-forge-5.15.0+mc1.16.5

Updated embeddium-0.3.10+mc1.16.5

Updated Pixelmon-1.16.5-9.1.11-universal

  • Added Flamigo.
  • Added Cetoddle.
  • Added Cetitan.
  • Added Fidough.
  • Added Dachsbun.
  • Added new Pokémon cries: Cetoddle, Dachsbun, Fidough, Chien-Pao, Houndstone, Veluza, Charcadet, Flamigo, Drakloak, Flutter Mane, Scream Tail, Tinkatink, Tinkaton, Tinkatuff, Ting-Lu and Roaring Moon.
  • Updated Machamp cry.
  • Added the Electric Gym Town to the Savanna Plateau and Shattered Savanna biomes.
    • Added Electric Gym structure.
    • Added Electric Town structures: Berry Farm A and B, Blacksmith, Church, Clutter A-F, Day Care, Farm A and B, House A-E, Poke Center, Poke Mart, Road A-D, Town Center A and B and TCG Shop.
    • Added Electric Gym Trainers to Electric Gym structure: Elite A-F, Grunt A-I and Gym Leader A-F.
  • Added the Dragon Gym Town to all Spruce biomes.
    • Added Dragon Gym structure.
    • Added Dragon Town structures: Berry Farm A and B, Blacksmith, Church, Clutter A-F, Day Care, Farm A and B, House A-E, Poke Center, Poke Mart, Road A-D, Town Center A and B and TCG Shop.
    • Added Dragon Gym Trainers to Dragon Gym structure: Elite A-F, Grunt A-I and Gym Leader A-F.
  • Updated Battle Arena structure layout to improve loot balance.
  • Moved the Water Gym Town from all Oceans to only Deep Ocean.
  • Moved the Steel Gym Town from all Savannas to only Savanna.
  • Added Fidough to the Plains category during the Morning.
  • Added Dachsbun to the Plains category during the Morning.
  • Added Cetoddle to Frozen Ocean, Snowy Beach, Shattered Glacier (BYG), Snowy Black Beach (BYG), Snowy Rocky Black Beach (BYG) during Day.
  • Added Cetitan to Frozen Ocean, Snowy Beach, Shattered Glacier (BYG), Snowy Black Beach (BYG), Snowy Rocky Black Beach (BYG) during Day. Added chance to spawn with group of Cetoddle.
  • Added Flamigo to Swamps during the Day on Land and in the Air. Added chance to spawn with a group of other Flamigo.
  • Changed the way attack animations are stored to be per battle:
    • This change should improve the speed of battle ticking on servers, as we no longer have to search through all current attack animations to find those related to the current battle.
    • This change should also improve the memory footprint of attack animations as they no longer need to store a backwards reference to the battle controller.
  • Changed battle ticking to be only done once per tick rather than once per level:
    • This will reduce the impact battles have on server performance.
    • This will reduce the likelihood of rare concurrency related issues.
  • 20502 Fixed client crashes caused by models or textures no longer being present after a resource reload from players switching servers, or resourcepacks, displaying ‘missing texture’ incorrectly.
  • 21296 Fixed Kingambit failing to drop Silver Ingots due to a typo.
  • Fixed Legendary spawn time randomization to modify the period by 40 percent instead of by frequency.
  • 21215 Fixed Pokémon that have the ‘walksonwater’ property dismounting their passenger when they touch water, such as Suicune.
  • 21565 Fixed crashes caused by parent species changing, such as a crashing after using /pokebomb.
  • Fixed wrong antennae color for regular Politoed.
  • 21325 Fixed Gym Signs failing to drop the item they had stored.
  • Fixed missing shiny palette for Mega-Gallade.
  • 21419 Fixed underground Pokémon spawning in the Nether, overtaking natural Nether spawns.
  • Fixed the Pokémon Editor wand failing to properly update ability slots when updating abilities of party Pokémon.
  • Fixed RequestCloseEditingPlayerPacket accessing the logical client from the server.
  • Fixed /pokestats accessing the logical client from the server.
  • 18778 Fixed a waiting bug caused by Pokéballs from the Bag falling into the void, failing the catch.
  • Fixed a waiting bug caused by Pokéballs falling far, failing the catch.
  • 21383 Fixed a waiting bug caused by fainting immediately after a mega-evolution animation mid-battle, allowing the opponent to move twice.
  • 21213 Fixed switch moves not doing any damage when used.
  • 21349 Fixed Nuzzle, Bolt-Strike, Mortal Spin, Bide, Triple Kick, Gear Grind, Hold Back, Plasma Fists, False Surrender, Double Shock and Comeuppance not being considered as contact moves.
  • Fixed Pokémon immediately attacking after their switch.
  • 21166 Fixed Overdrive failing to trigger Throat Spray.
  • 21360 Fixed leap move animations used by flying Pokémon causing server crashes.
  • Fixed Foul Play causing a rare server crash.
  • Fixed Opportunist crashing against AI with StatsEffect moves.
  • Fixed Wandering Spirit swapping when dynamaxed.
  • Fixed Wind Rider activating on Sandstorm.
  • Fixed Wind Rider preventing Tailwind’s effect in double battles.
  • Fixed Cursed Body not disabling behind a Substitute.
  • Fixed Berserk not triggering if the final hit of a move didn’t cross half HP.
  • Fixed Instruct not advancing turn timers for sleep and Truant.
  • Fixed Instruct always working despite sleep status.
  • Fixed Truant not blocking sleep.
  • Fixed Truant not loafing if gained after a mega-evolution.
  • Fixed Symbiosis moving items to Pokémon switching out.
  • Fixed Unaware not ignoring accuracy stages.
  • Fixed Foresight removing target’s negative evasion stages.
  • Fixed Thick Fat reducing overall damage instead of the attacking stat.
  • Fixed start of battle effects not triggering unless starting in battle.
  • Fixed Trace to treat all ComingSoon abilities as null abilities.
  • Fixed crash issue with virtual battles via NPCs.
  • Fixed some Z-moves requiring the incorrectly typed Z-crystal, such as Captivate.
  • 21432 Fixed berries and healing items failing to work on Drowsy and Frostbite.
  • Fixed erratic battle camera movement by preventing the camera from updating its position if it has been set to be removed.
  • Fixed Water Spout ignoring Desolate Land’s prevention of water attacks.
  • Fixed Eruption ignoring Primordial Sea’s prevention of fire attacks.
  • Fixed Hydro Steam ignoring Desolate Land’s prevention of water attacks.
  • Fixed Protosynthesis activating in Desolate Land’s sun.
  • Fixed Life Orb applying recoil for each target damaged by a spread move.
  • 21376 Fixed Booster Energy activation restoring pre-level-cap stat points.
  • 21361 Fixed Trick-based moves remove the held items without being used.

Updated KehaanAdvancements-Pokehaan2-1.16.5-1.0.5

  • Added Advancement for my Stardew Valley modpack “Morning Dew”.

Updated PokehaanCraftAdditions-1.16.5-1.7.0.jar

  • Renamed the armor

Updated Controlling-

Updated lootr-1.16.5-

  • Bump version for release. (3e2d7efd)
  • More missing imports from backporting. (1b56977f)
  • Missing import for MenuProvider. (4370d7b0)
  • Update submodule for archive_base. (2217016)
  • Fix language files. (5acf06f)
  • Backport issues: no ContainerEntity. (30c0a163)
  • Don’t remove unloaded block entities, rely on queue. (b3b23b0c)
  • Change max_age to 15 minutes; remove skip_unloaded. (e0df162a)
  • Finish implementing the stillValid stuff. (1cee01ab)
  • Finally fix #200: implement stillValid for SpecialChestInventory. (ebb973fe)
  • Remove unneeded override. (896399eb)
  • Structure blacklisting hasn’t worked since 1.16.5. (369268bf)
  • saveToItem is responsible, not Minecraft(3fc7d0fa)
  • Stop using DistExecutor. (3d32d8cd)
  • Move Minecraft mixin to client package. (80c1b8fb)
  • Remove 1.19 implementation of break disabling. (a6cc301b)
  • Properly implement break disabling. (c7fa2160)
  • Remove tileId and openers when cloning Lootr chests. (a7648e43)
  • Fix #319: implement conversion tags for Forge. (394880ab)
  • Update submodule for archive_base_name adjustment. (346e7201)
  • Clean up invalid import. (d0aeded0)
  • Don’t store tileId when saving structures. (993a6888)
  • Re-implement #284: configurable styles for decay, refresh, breaking. (f88655df)
  • Manually re-implement 4413344cce. (9c946aa4)
  • Reinstate the generated chunk tracker. (265dc95e)
  • Potentially better handling for #313. (9229f4c9)
  • Fix for Forge/Litematica. (8ea50556)

Other Changes:

  • Added a quest to my Stardew Valley modpack “Morning Dew”
  • Changed layout in task book
  • Added new pokemons to the Pokehaan Egg and Unstable Egg.
  • Bug fixes


Update 1.7.1

Added Atlantis-1.16.5-6.6.1-universal-all
Added AquaPatch-1.16.5-9.1.11-universal

  • This fixes a issue with Pokeballs not working when catching outside of battle. This will be removed, once Pixelmon have fixed the issue.
  • Changed the date on the eggs


Update 1.7.2

Updated embeddium-0.3.14+mc1.16.5

Updated EnchantmentDescriptions-1.16.5-7.1.27

Updated modernfix-forge-5.16.0+mc1.16.5