Morning Dew – Stardew Valley Modpack (How To Install/Download)

This video shows how to download and install my Stardew Valley modpack “Morning Dew”. This guide can also be used, if you want to download and play other modpacks on the launcher. Morning Dew, is my new public Stardew Valley modpack. Morning Dew, is out only on CurseForge launcher, and is my first public modpack. I have made a lot of different private ones, but never released any. However a now that CurseForge makes it possible to release modpacks for Stardew Valley too, i made a new modpack. Stardew Valley was the game, that gave me the inspiration to make my Minecraft modpack “Farming Valley”. This modpack is a Vanilla Plus, like modpack for Stardew Valley. Which adds a lot of quality of life improvements (Chest customization, Automation, info mods etc) to the game, but also some new content (Tractor, bigger backpack, and more) I hope you want to try out the modpack, if you play Stardew Valley. I have plans on making some bigger public Stardew Valley modpacks too. But dont worry, i am also working on a few other modpacks for Minecraft. I hope to share more about one of them soon.

Link to download the launcher:

CurseForge page of the Modpack: