Morning Dew – 1.1.1 Changelog

“Morning Dew” updated to version 1.1.1. It is also now using newest Stardew Valley version 1.6.5.

Updated Better Chests

  • Added lock indicator to backpack inventory menu.
  • Added experimental support for resizing the backpack as a storage.
  • Hotfix for search bar losing focus.
  • Adjusted the Access Chest overlay so that the dropdown does not go over the arrows.
  • When doing a reverse transfer, allow any items to go into the backpack.
  • Improved the the precision of logging storage activity and their location.
  • Fixed backpack config button showing up in other game menus.
  • Fixed backpack items not being placeable in any slot.
  • Backpack Storage options will not inherit from the global storage options.
  • Temporarily hiding backpack config behind the console command bc_player_config until it is fully implemented.
  • Search bar is not selected by default when opening chests.
  • Prevent suppressing modifier keys while the search bar is selected.


Updated Lookup Anything

  • Some fields now collapse by default when they have too much content. You can click a link to show the full list. This affects:
    • in item lookups, the recipes field with more than 10 recipes;
    • in NPC lookups, gift taste fields with more than 30 items.
  • Added integration with Custom Bushes (thanks to LeFauxMatt!).
  • In tree lookups, the growth chance is now rounded to avoid strange values like 15.000001% (thanks to b3nk3lly!).
  • Fixed no translation:trees.stages.4 message in some tree lookups.
  • Improved translations. Thanks to iglnierod (updated Spanish)!


Updated SpaceCore