Pokehaan Craft 2 – 1.9.0 Changelog

Added PokehaanCreativeCraftables-1.16.5-1.0.1

Updated PokehaanCraftAdditions-1.16.5-1.8.0

Updated KehaanAdvancements-Pokehaan2-1.16.5-1.0.6

Other Changes:

  • Added a quest to craft the “Max Raid Den Spawner”
  • Added a new socialmedia quest to check out my second “Stardew Valley” modpack “Dew More Farming”.
  • Increased rare candy amount from the socialmedia quest rewards.
  • Added new Pokemons to the Pokehaan Egg and Unstable Egg
  • Added a trade to the Kehaan Trader, to use EMC for “Prosperity Seed Base”
  • Added a quest in the “Pokehaan Champion” quest line, that gives a “Kehaan Trader”, by completing the first quest. This should make the quest line easier. As the NPC will open up for new trades.
  • Some quest book layout fixes
  • Added recipe to convert old NPC Editor into new NPC Editor
  • Added recipe to convert old Chisel into new Chisel
  • Fixed some quests
  • Added recipes to Poké Bags.
  • Added a quest to craft the Poké Bags.
  • Added more tooltip to the Enchanted Egg, that it can be used every 600 seconds with Rare Candy.