Crundee Craft: 1.0.16 – Fix to the purple dye crash, and much more!

A update to Crundee Craft have just been released.


You can read the full changelog here:

Crundee Craft 1.0.16 Full Changelog:

Updated coroutil-1.1.3 for MC v1.7.10
– Bug fixes

Updated DoggyStyle v1.1.2.94
– Pug!!!
– Jack Russell Terrier
– French Bull Dog
– Cardigan Corgi
– Airedale Terrier
– Bernese Mountain Dog
– American Staffordshire Terrier
– Bloodhound
– Miniature Pinscher
– Miniature Schnauzer

Updated malisiscore-1.7.10-0.12.10
– Bug fixes

Updated malisisdoors-1.7.10-1.10.1
– Fixed crashes with raytracing
– Fixed issues with Diamond Vanishing Block GUI
– Fixed Digicode V button not working properly
– Fixed Door movements and sounds order in DoorFactory GUI
– Fixed Cauldron crash when a world didn’t have a name

Updated inventorypets-1.7.10-1.3.5
– New Pet Race Pets: Illuminati Pet, Juggernaut Pet
– Plus, new Grave Pet (Saves Inventory on Death)
– Sponge Pet, (slightly) reduced the water absorption amount
– Improved the Drop Rate of Legendaries
– Fixed an exploit that kept pets happy even when not eating
– Fixed a bug where Nether Portal was dropping players to their doom from too high
– Heart Pet, upgraded to Regen IV, AOE now lasts 1 minute
– Shield Pet, upgraded to Resistance III, AOE lasts 1 minute
– Increased Pingot Detect and Auto-Extract Range
– Pingot now extracts in Creative Mode
– Added new achievement for Illuminati Confirmed! (Getting an Illuminati Pet from an Illuminati Pet)
– Removed Particle effects for Purplicious Cow and Mickerson
– Pets now consume Duct Tape, but it doesn’t heal them since it’s empty calories
– Multiple Chests & Double Chests now allowed in Hotbar
– Updated Chinese Language File (Thanks, ExtraMeteorP!)
– Improved the Timer on Juggernaut and Illuminati (now shows minutes + seconds)
– Added new Pets to Achievement system (Juggernaut, Illuminati, Grave)
– Added Ender Nugget drops to all Dungeon Chests
– Loot Pet now auto-smelts vanilla ores (for convenience and to prevent duping)
– Loot Pet now longer stacks with Silk Touch or Looting
– Bed Pet no longer lets you sleep during the day (even when it protested)
– Illuminati Pet no longer aggros passive mobs
– Grave Pet and Juggernaut now work on servers
– Jukebox Pet no longer works while hungry
– Disabling individual recipes now working properly
– Fixed drop rate for legendaries in dungeons (they were all coming up slimes)
– Fixed drop rate for new pets (Juggernaut, Illuminati, Grave were not dropping at all!)
– Juggernaut no longer crashes servers. Now that’s a strong Pet 😛
– Moon Pet performance much improved on servers, including Crazy Craft
– Pet Names no longer disappear on servers for pets that have Right Click actions

Updated tropicraft-6.0.5
– Fixed crash with NEI
– Tropicraft portal no longer sets spawn location
– Coral no longer looks sad/blocky underwater
– Bamboo chutes are back to their usual one-click destruction now
– Flowers no longer make stone sound when placed/broken

Fixed purple dye crash
Removed the DivineRPG update notication in top left corner
Added TCSchematics folder with a schematic to the config / mod folder directory, to hopefully make villages in Tropiccraft spawn 🙂
Decreased dog spawning

(Info for server owners: mod, config folder have been changed. And TCSchematic folder added to maindirectory where Mod/config folder is located)