Crainer Craft: 1.0.6 – New chance cubes and pet update


Crainer Craft: 1.0.6

A new update to Crainer Craft have just been released. This is a very small update,updates Chance Cubes and Inventory Pets.

Full changelog can be found here:

Updated InventoryPets-1.7.10-1.3.91
– Major Bug Fix: Fixed the issue with losing items in Chests, Double Chests, and Feedbags when playing in multiplayer/server. Apologies from the entire Inventory Pets crew for taking so long to get the fix in. These pets are now safe to use in multiplayer/server environments.
– Added in new config option for Illuminati Pet to only spawn craftable items. This option is now enabled by default. (Credit: @joonatoona)
– Added new particle effects for Juggernaut Pet to help show when active
– Fixed issue with Loot Pet code when resources harvested through non-player caused explosions
– Loot Pet no longer works with weapons that have Fortune applied
– New YouTuber category for Juggernaut and Illuminati Pet. For Achievements, they are still classified under Special (for now)
– Fixed Custom Pet name in language file
– Removed the remnants of the new Custom Pet experimental code – textures, sounds, that were appearing as errors in the console, and removed the experimental GUI
– Replaced missing old Custom Pet texture so it would show correctly for legacy users and in Creative
– Fixed new particle effects for Juggernaut Pet so they work in Server environments

Updated Chance Cubes 1.7.10-
– Tons of new rewards / drops
– Many bug fixes

(Info for server owners: mods and config folder have been changed)

You can find the full modlist here