Fire In The Pipe 2.2.0 Released

A update to Fire In The Pipe 2 have just been released.

Huge update to the pack. It updates a lot of mods that fixes some bugs. Nerfs Cobalt for Tinkers, and some big nerfs to GregTech. Good luck with Quantum Armor. But this update also enables the Modular Armor from GregTech.

(Info for server owners: mods and config folders have been changed)

Full changelog can be found here:

Updated GalacticraftCore-1.7-
– Tons of bugs fixed see (went from build 411 to 463)
Updated Galacticraft-Planets-1.7-
– Tons of bugs fixed see (went from build 411 to 463)
Updated MicdoodleCore-1.7-
– Tons of bugs fixed see (went from build 411 to 463)

Updated gregtech-5.09.26
– – You now need AssemblyLine for recipe like Quantum Armor. If the recipe needs the scanner, its most likely the AssemblyLine you need. Good Luck.
– Fix crash with Fossils Archeology Revival.
– Basic IC2 Classic compatibility.
– Fix Forestry Wood Cover recipes.
– Fix missing paperboard recipes.
– Fix ore in basalt or mable not triggering achievements.
– Fix Disassemblers above Insane Voltage(These tiers now work faster without efficiency loss).
– Lowered sodium fuel value because mods with endless salt sources allowed too efficient power generation.
– Exploding GT machines now drop randomly some of their crafting components.
– Add missing GT Food Crops.
– Fix GC Compressed Aluminium recipes.
– Add Duranium/Tritanium as highend tool materials between HSS and Neutronium.
– Add radon and naquadria fusion recipes.
– Fix ImmEng adding simple recipes for Steel/Iron/Aluminium rods.
– Added compat to EnderIO Rocket fuel+GT Recipe.
– Cleanup recipe code.
– Add all missing potion recipes to GT.
– Make Dough by throwing flour into filled cauldron.
– Allow Oil Drills to pump oil in void worlds without bedrock.
– Hide Covers for Forestry woods if forestry is disabled.
– Hide Disabled Crates.
– Show missing Mining Pipes in Adv Miner II GUI and missing turbine rotors in large turbine GUI.
– Fix Reinforced stone dropping as TNT.
– Wrench shift click can move machine front direction.
– Fix Quicksilver nugget dupe.
– Fix crash in some Processing Array recipes.
– Naquadah Fuel Rods.(Mox fuel stats with 10x runtime)
– Fixed some broken Assemblyline recipes.
– Added special mode to needsmaintainance cover for large turbine rotor damage detection.
– Detect GT++ and enable materials for it.
– Item Transfer now tries to move full stack instead of single operation.
– Rare dropping of items in combination with double chests fixed.
– Add Automatic Maintainance Hatch.
– New Recipes for Lapotron Crystals, Mining Pipe, Mining Laser and Quantum Armor.
– Change gravisuite armor recipes to assembly line.
– Fix missing pulverization byproducts.
– Add EnderIO Alloy recipes.
– Rebalance Pollution. (… for details)
– Fixed some Pollution Bugs.
– Added some more Pollution Effects.
– Fixed Powderbarrel processing client side.
– Fix the generation of uncraftable turbine rotors.
– Fix Translation of Multibock Tooltips(This time for real)
– Fixed Broken crop orepreocessing recipes.
– Turn off AdvMinerII once reaching bedrock.
– Turn off Oil Drill once all oil is drained.
– Fix ignoredOredictList not working.
– Fix scanner looking at wrong chunk for pollution in negative coordinates.
– Fix Large Turbine tooltips.

– Revised the modular armor.
– Recipes are now enabled.
Basic, non electric, Modular armor should work fine, testing needed.
– Electric modular armors still with a bunch of strange behaviors, will be fixed in the next updates, helping with testing would be nice.
– Modular armor now has a config to change its values. Balancing proposals would be nice.

Updated HardcoreEnderExpansion  MC-1.7.10  v1.8.6

– Void Chest events now run after other mods
– Optimized Ender Dragon chunkloading
– Instability Orb item list refreshes when triggered first time for MineTweaker recipe compatibility
– Music system now wraps music tickers from other mods for compatibility (unless removeVanillaDelay is enabled)
– Dungeon Tower spawners now have a mob limit for the entire area
– Fixed Dungeon Tower Enderman spawn location
– Fixed Instability Orb blacklist ignoring item name with damage wildcard
– Fixed unclickable items in recipes in the Ender Compendium
– Fixed worldgen entity bug with Ars Magica 2 (removed workaround)
– Fixed Charm of Slaughter Impact causing damage to players with disabled PVP or team friendly fire
– Fixed conflicting Charm recipes

Updated RTG-1.7.10-
– Added sparse wheat crop decorations to vanilla Plains
– Fixed a bug related to RTG trees generating on top of some blocks instead of replacing them (e.g. tallgrass)
– Fixed a bug related to RTG including client-side classes in server environments under certain circumstances
– Added biome config options for wheat crops in the vanilla Plains biome, including the ability to enable/disable, set frequency, and designate the min & max Y-values at which wheat can generate
– Refactored RTG’s terrain system by moving the individual TerrainBase subclasses to inner classes within their – – RealisticBiomeBase counterparts.

  • The titlescreen now states its 2.2.0
  • Tinkers Cobalt Tools/Weapons have been nerfed. Bigger reason now to go to manylium. Thanks m1jordanallen


(Info for server owners: mods and config folder have been changed)