Farming Valley 0.7.0 Released

A update to Farming Valley have just been released.

This update removes InventoryTweaks, BUT adds InventorySorter. It does the same. Just better, and with less bugs. Also update a lot of the mods in the pack, and changing from the law edition of foamFix, to the Anarchy edition. This should give even better performance in the pack.

Info for server owners: mods and config folder have been changed.

Full changelog can be found here:

Removed InventoryTweaks
Added inventorysorter-1.10.2-0.10.5+46

Updated Botania r1.9-340
– Fixed a crash regarding tile entities and block states not playing together. (williewillus)
– Fixed crash on unequipping the Ring of Loki.
– Fixed the Crafty Crate destroying items if there’s a block under it.
– Fixed the Gourmaryllis spamming packets and causing ridiculous network usage. (williewillus)
– Fixed the Key of the King’s Law stacking portals together if the player is looking straight down.
– Fixed the Life Imbuer spawning mobs inside blocks. (williewillus)
– Fixed the livingwood bow not using 1.9 arrow priority and using arrows even if they have infinity.
– Fixed the Mana Enchanter not accepting floating flowers.
– Fixed the Ring of Loki checking your offhand item and thus negating the cursor addition if you have no item in either hand.
– Fixed the T.A. Plate not showing particles. (williewillus)
– The Gourmaryllis now plays a burp sound when it’s done eating. (williewillus)

Updated ChanceCubes-1.10.2-
– Fixed bugs with interacting with the D20
– Switched the mod to use the new api
– Particles rewards now can also use names
– Fixed a bug with the wither spawning 100%
– TNT_Structure reward now auto ignites the tnt upon redstone block toucing tnt
– Changed the text in No_Exp reward to say Rip EXP
– Removed the removeUsefulThings reward
– Added the Raining cats and dogs reward
– Added the Random Explosion reward (WIP)
– Herobrine can now change his mind
– Added more names to the Item renamer reward
– Wait for it reward now triggers its rewards 1 block higher
– TileEntities now copy in the chunk flip reward
– Removed wither skulls from random throwables reward
– OffsetBlocks can now be told to remove unbreakable blocks if needed
– Giant Chance Cube now has a full texture
– Fixed a bug with bad chance cube rewards
– Added the invizible silverfish reward
– Lowered the spawn times for the Vilage reward
– Removed the Fluid Tower reward
– Added the Fluid Sphere reward
– Added the Mixed Fluid Sphere reward
– Added more stuff to the Did you know reward
– Math and Question rewards now give a random item is guessed correctly
– Added more options to the wait for it reward
– Fixed client side bugs with the Chance Cube and Gaint Chance Cube
– If you are reading this tweet me the word pajamas for a surprise
– Blocks can no longer be destroyed by explosions
– Fixed a bug with the did you know reward
– Fixed a rendering issue with the dispenser varying due to fps
– Fixed a bug with the item reward Selector pendant
– Fixed a bug with the dispenser renderer
– Reward name fix
– Threading fixes
– Fixes a server crash for players with custom rewards

Updated foamfix-0.5.3-anarchy
– Switched from law edition to anarchy edition.
– Disable certain optimizations already implemented by Forge depending on Forge versio
– Fix compatibility with newer versions of LaunchWrapper
– (Anarchy) Fix certain optimizations not applying outside of dev enviornment
– (Anarchy) Add small GC churn optimization to lighting code
– (Anarchy) Remove delayChunkUpdates patch – it is implemented better in Forge
– (Anarchy) Stop chunks from being forced to update immediately, trading constant stutter for small delays in chunk updates.
– (Anarchy) Fix incompatibility with Dynamic Surroundings
– (Anarchy) Optimize block state implementation storage, saving another ~10% of RAM, especially on large modpacks
– (Anarchy) Optimize BlockInfo to prevent BlockPos spam – also, fix a lighting bug free of charge
– (Anarchy) Fix compatibility with Sponge

Updated ImmersiveEngineering-0.10-55
– re-added the Bottling Machine! It bottles things up, like fluids and emotions!
– added indicative scrollbars to the manual
– added nullcheck to guard against malformed sound events
– added a login check to synchronizing Excavator data
– added a config option for hte drop weight of Hemp Seeds
– changed IC2 compat to no longer load with IC2 classic
– changed permission levels on comamnds to allow “/cie resetrenders” for everyone
– fixed Minetweaker and JEI integration. Arc Furnace reduced to a single categroy, I’m afraid.
– fixed Automatic Workbench using Pair from JavaFX
– fixed null-master exceptions for Multiblocks – fixed rotations of wooden blocks (Gunpowder Barrel, Item Router) – fixed GUI of the Item Router
– fixed SideOnly exceptions triggered by Chisel&Bits
– fixed Withers dropping Lootbags. They really shouldn’t anymore.
– fixed world loading caused by connection persistence and validation (thanks Dogboy21)
– fixed Crusher not collecting drops from low-health entities
– fixed Assembler and Metal Press not reorienting conveyors when broken

Updated IvToolkit-1.3.1-1.10
Add an API endpoint for entities and tile entities to specifically save world independently (-> C&B
– Fix hanging entities in world data

Updated journeymap-1.10.2-5.4.4
– Map appearance improved with large void areas (skyblock)
– Updated use of Google Maps API (webmap only)
– Updated dependency on PNGJ
– Bugfix: Cave and Nether mapping broken; open areas below slice (y-band) weren’t mapped
– Bugfix: Version string included Forge version instead of Minecraft version
– Improved memory usage

Updated RecurrentComplex-
–  /#pastegen works again!
– /#importschematic no longer crashes when a mod loads with invalid metadata
– Some more performance improvements
– Natural and Natural Air transformers can now customize which blocks to override
– Inventory Generation Components often crashed when editing the items
– Revamped inspector! You can now edit tile entity and entity metadata with it!!!
– /#containing which searches all structures for a block / block expression being used!
– Generation Info expressions now work again (fixes tree leaves never being decayable)
– Script blocks made in earlier versions now correctly have on spawn enabled (fixes mazes in pyramids and similar)
– /#export now better predicts whether to save in active or inactive
– Changes in item collections didn’t update the collections themselves
– The pattern ingredient screen no longer crashes
– 1.10: Fixed /#exportschematic and /#retrogen

Updated refinedstorage-1.2.18
– Performance improvements with oredict autocrafting (way2muchnoise)
– Fixed client side crash with cable (raoulvdberge)
– Fixed client side crash with disk drive (raoulvdberge)
– Fixed crash with external storage in fluid mode (raoulvdberge)
– Fluid Grid now first tries to get buckets from your inventory instead of the storage (raoulvdberge)
– Ignore damage for damageable items when transferring into crafting grid (way2muchnoise)
– Ignore tags from given items when transferring into crafting grid (way2muchnoise)
– Remove sidedness from fluid interface (way2muchnoise)
– Using tab in a grid that isn’t in autoselected mode will focus on the search box (raoulvdberge)
– Add Ore Dictionary grid filter (use $ as prefix like in JEI) (way2muchnoise)
– The Stack Upgrade in a Constructor in item dropping mode will drop stacks of items at a time (raoulvdberge)
– Fixed Constructor in liquid mode being able to place fluids <1000 mB (raoulvdberge)
– Fixed Solderer recipe conflicts, allowing for easier automation (raoulvdberge)
– Fixed machines not connecting with cable after Controller (raoulvdberge)

(Info for server owners: mods and config have been changed)