MadPack: Beta 6 Changelog

This will be the post using for MadPack 3 Beta 6.

As with all updates, you will most likely require a new world.

Last edited: 18. September – Update is out now.

Updated ae2stuff-
– bdew: All blocks can now be disassembled with a wrench and will keep inventory and energy when breaking
– bdew: Wireless toolking and Visualiser shouldn’t stack
– bdew: Fixed missing hardness on wireless block

Updated BamsDongles-1.7.10-0.1.1
– Now with World Gen
– Added Bampatongle Ore (Spawns between level 6 and 9) [See what I did there?]
– Added Bampatongle Block
– Added 9 Bampatongle Fragments and 9 Bampatongle Ingots
– Changed some recipes to make use of the Bampatongle ingots
– Removed Black Iron
– New texture and new recipe for the Machine Core
– Bams T-Shirts are now repairable using Salt (Regular T-Shirts) and BamSalt (Diamond versions)
– Most items on the Mod now wont have EMC Value
– Bampatongle Ore can be picked up by right clicking with Dark/Red Matter Picks – This ore should not be affected by Fortune enchantment – Mining level requires Diamond Pick or better
– Bamskin Donuts only stacks to 1 (This was from previous quickfix version)
– Added recipe to get the 16 Vanilla dyes using Bampatongle fragments
– When a player dies it will say it chat what was the cause, and also on the log (It should help us track why people dies when Bams Apples buffs run out)
– Added Bam Salt
– Added Salt Crystals
– Recipes to get salt adapted to use the crystals now instead of sand.
– Added Bams Base Block (It will create a Bams Base once you break it) [On future versions the idea is to let the player choose the blocks for the build and they will actually have to provide those blocks to create the base]
– Fixed GetCaged shouldn’t break unbreakable blocks now
– Configs and everything related with the Bams Wheel is removed for now.
– Pickappa chance for T-Shirt is now 1 in 75000 (Seams a lot, but in a pack with Veinminer and EMC it’s ok)
– Bampatongle Ore new block texture
– New item “Bampatongle on a Dongle” It can break torches (And any non-liquid source of light) in a 15 blocks radius (Yes it will break glowstone)
– New Configs for Sponge on a Dongle and Bampatongle on a Dongle. (You can now set the radius)

Updated BiblioCraft v1.11.0
– New Block: Framed Chest – Works with the Furniture Paneler to get to color chests using any solid block. The Framed Chest also has a built in single item label that automatically shows the item with the highest quantity in the chest. Chests can be connected into double chests using the screw gun. Double chests will have 2 built in labels and the left side of the chest will select its label item from the top half of the chest inventory and the right side will select from the bottom half of the inventory.
– New Item: Stockroom Catalog – This allows you to list the contents of any number of chests with a single list. Sneak right-click a block with an inventory (a chest, bookcase, barrel, anything with an inventory) to add that inventory to the list of inventories for the catalog to keep track of. Sneak right-click the same block again to remove that block from the list. A small particle effect will render on that block when holding the Stockroom Catalog to let you know that block is being tracked. Right click to open the GUI and see the list. You can sort the list in ascending or descending order by quantity (Count) or alphabetical order. Click on the title to change it to anything so you can custom label your stockroom catalog. click on the small chest icons on the right hand side of each listing to open the inventory list view. This shows you everywhere inventory in your list that item can be found. You will notice 8 slots across the top. If you have any waypoint compasses in your inventory, they will show up in those slots. This allows you to click the compass, then click the + button next to an inventory and add that location to your waypoint compass. Click the close button on the bottom right or hit ESC to close the inventory list view. Hit the exit button on the bottom right or hit esc again to close the GUI.
– New Feature: Fancy workbenches connect to bookcases. Up to 2 bookcases, one on the left and/or one on the right will show their inventory in the fancy workbench.
– New Feature: Recipe books can now be used to craft items without a workbench if the player has the required ingredients in their inventory.
– Clipboard tweak: Can now navigate between lines using the arrow keys and can enter the next line by hitting enter.
– Added a locked message to blocks that have been locked with the lock and key when another player tries to use that block

Updated Carpenter’s Blocks v3.3.7
– Reorganized block drop code to address dupe bugs and other issues.
– Resolved light cache crash experienced when using more recent Forge versions.
– Overhauled cached lighting system; should resolve mob spawns and crop growth.
– Added rail slope fill configuration option (for sloped rails above Carpenter’s Blocks).
– Added proper top face rendering to routable fluids
– Added permissions support for offline-mode servers.
– Added inverted Collapsible block, and converted to 16-step increments (existing ones will break, sorry).
– Fixed daylight sensor not updating neighbors properly. [mickelus]
– Reverted Presence sound fix — fixes only hearing default wooden block sounds.
– Tweaked permissions to correct some false positives, such as safe breaking animations.
– Many garage door changes, including:
* Fixed garage door not checking power state of connected doors.
* Garage door can now be connected in any contiguous configuration and will act as a single entity.
* Garage door open/close sound now only plays from piece closest to player.
* Garage door now fills in voids introduced by destroying barriers beneath a door piece (configurable).
* Garage door now better replicates adjacent door properties upon creation.
* Garage doors in open state no longer susceptible to explosion damage.
* Garage doors in closed state now destroy properly from explosions.

Updated Chisel2-
– Fixed some console spamming

Updated EnderCore-1.7.10-
– Fix crash when ContainerEnder inv is null

Updated LycanitesMobsComplete [1.7.10]
– First Boss Added: Rahovart (with boss event and altar)
– New Rare Subspecies: Ebon Cacodemon
– New Altars: Rahovart Altar, Celestial Geonach Altar, Ebon Cacodemon Altar
– New Event Type: Boss Events
– First Boss Event Added: Rahovart, creates a giant arena and summons Rahovart.
– New Blocks Added: Demonic Soulcube, Demon Stone/Tile/Brick, Demon Crystal (light source)
– New Items Added: Demonic Soulstone, Shadow Soulstone, Inferno Soulstone, Mountain Soulstone
– A new Automatic Multiple Hit Box System has been added for larger entities, this also allows for entities to have separate hit area (for attacks) and collision area (for movement and block collision) sizes.
– Activated altars will now spawn the rare subspecies around 10 blocks away from where the player is facing.
– Remobra now always drop a Poison Gland.
– Wendigo have a much higher chance of dropping Frosty Fur.
– Ooze will no longer destroy items.
– By default, rare subspecies spawned via altars will no long have increased stats compared to naturally spawning rare subspecies.
– Crusk Pets now cost the same as Serpix Pets.

Updated malisisdoors-1.7.10-1.10
– Added double fence gate handling
– Fixed crash caused by DragonAPI

Updated MineChess-1.3.10
-Bugfix: You can generate Chess boards through unbreakable blocks.

Updated MobProperties-1.7.10-0.4.2
– Fixed bug preventing tile entities and entities from being properly placed in the world by schematics.
– Added tip to look down when a JSON language error occurs.
– Fixed crash report for missing “function” field in functions.

Updated Z-DimHub-1.7.10-0.0.18
– Trying to fix players spawning on the hub on fire
– CandyCraft sign now says Candy Valley
– Medal also says now Candy Valley
– Players on the Nether above level 128 will get teleported to Hub.
– This version will not stop players for going into the END using a portal (Vanilla) or any other method
– Signs in HUB are un-breakable (Same for the Glowstone on first spawn Aether portal)
– Medals are now “Wearable”
– Medals can be repaired with Emeralds
– Medals Durability / Protection / Enchantability – (As chestplate only)
Aether – 160/ 10 / 10
Candy Valley – 320/ 12 / 15
Nether – 480/ 14 / 20
Deep Dark – 640/ 16 / 25
Overworld – 800/ 18 / 30
End – 960/ 20 / 35
– Old Medals removed
– Killing JonBams will unlock The End gate
– Killing End Dragon will give Medal
– Killing Hardcore Ender Expansion now will do give the Medal 🙂
– Nothing happens on Hub when End Dragon is killed
– There is NO WAY to get back from the End unless you die, or kill the Dragon, or have other way of teleportation
– You will most like no spawn on the End main island but about 100 blocks away from it

Updated MP3 Bams Streaming Pack
– Fixes

Bonemeal now should work on crops again
Added 2 new overworld quest
Added a the end chapter with 7 quest
Changed Deep Dark Quest. There is now a total of 5 quest
Deleted configs of some mods we dont use anymore
Draconium Ore now does not spawn in deep dark or candy world anymore
Disabled draconium ore from overworld and nether
Disabled Hellfish
New Deep Dark boss
Removed InfernalMobs
Disabled Lycanite Subspecies Rare Health Bars
Disabled Subspecies Rare Health Bars
Changed : Collect 32 mana essence quest reward into reward bag from soul key